Another victim of rape at Gitdimt’en Camp speaks out

Another victim of rape at Gitdimt’en Camp speaks out

Many local people are now asking if the terrorist raids that took place on Feb 17th 2022 were created as an intentional distraction to take the focus off the rape and sexual abuse cover-ups in both the Gitdimt’en and Unist’ot’en camps.

You would think decent people would have gone to the police but we have yet to see any indication of any actions taken against the perpetrators. The code of silence by Molly, Freda and Frank Alec is a testament to their complicity with this kind of crime. Victims continue to speak out while nothing is being done in regards to holding the perpetrators who committed their horrible crimes accountable for them. We all now know who the accused are, yet no charges have been laid, this is inexcusable.

The culture of silence continues.

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