Social Media Chiefs and Environmentalist Groupies

Social Media Chiefs and Environmentalist Groupies

Letter to Editor by frustrated working Indian.

In light of a recent letter made by all the outcast Wet’suwet’en pardon my bad humor, let me explain. First off I should say I am indian, one that works for a living, yes on drinking and smoking dope I plead guilty, I am as bad as the next guy, but I always showed up for work and I worked most of my life and a large number of those were at Huckleberry Mines.

I have never written a letter in my life, not even this one I talk he writes. The only reason I am saying this is because I feel people like Adam Gagnon, the only one of the chiefs that fessed up on sabotaging equipment, and the Office Chiefs are making all of us look bad. Hey guys I know what you guys do to people who stand up against you, I have drunk most of you under the table at some time in our past. And Adam we smoke a lot of weed before it was ever legal, I am not saying I am better than you are, but I have my honour, I don’t bust other people stuff.

Funny how all these guys, some women can do all this stuff to CGL property, but don’t have the guts to admit it to the rest of us that wear the reputation you created. Most of us today are hardworking, we pay taxes, even if people say we don’t.

If the chiefs had any self-respect they would have made a strong public condemnation for the acts of terrorism that took place on land they say is our yintah. They would have taken part of the 7 million dollars they have in their pockets to hire private investigators to root out those members that are an embarrassment to our nation.

And why do you back the ones that never work for a living and white apple the rest of us that do?

These chiefs are only chiefs in the eyes of spectators, the audience out there, and the media out there, they play you all like a harp, and get tons of funding doing it, no need to put in 8 hour shifts like I did all my life. You Office chiefs play environmentalists like a band plays groupies.

Nough said, I drank enough beers with most of you to know what happens if I add my name here, so go ahead stab a few more people in the back trying to guess who it was. I said what I was gonna say, and thanks for posting my words, they needed to be said

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