Esteemed 44K Gidimt’en Matriarch – Smithers homeless persons?

Esteemed 44K Gidimt’en Matriarch – Smithers homeless persons?

Before you read on, I want to point out that we 100% endorse any and all attempts at getting rehabilitation for people with drug or alcohol problems, what is infuriating is watching blockaders use these people to promote their case, then blame consequences on the public. Blockaders are so desperate for manpower they will use (abuse) any addict they can.

There have been a lot of complaints about alcohol, and or drinking to the point of passing out occurring in the Smithers community over the last few years. Now when the issue of esteemed matriarch for Molly and her gangsters showed up at the 44k checkpoint, people rightfully asked where did Janet Williams and the man she calls her husband live prior to this cabin that was only recently build by Molly and her gangsters. The man Janet refers to is Lawrence Bazil, as for their issues with alcohol, I am sure the Smithers detachment is more knowledgeable than I am. That said its only rational that the police visiting here were also briefed. (we are not privy to that information) but we do have eyes and we do see where they were hanging out prior to 44k.

A number of people (aboriginal) have since stepped forward claiming that before they moved out to Molly’s Blockade, they were often asking people walking out of the ATM at the Royal Bank for cash handouts. I won’t name those people, as they already said, let me quote one of them. ” Yes Janet is too they were always drunk in town bumming around for money when people come in and out of Royal Bank, that was where they all were and Bovil Square” verbatim and then this “I hated walking past them all the time anywhere in town, so embarrassing camp too comfortable for them” this from a Wet’suwet’en lady.

We have previously pointed out (here) that Janet Williams is not a Gidimt’en matriarch at all, she is just a clan member. I see they no longer use that term in recent videos after they were reprimanded by the real Gidimt’en matriarchs.

With the above in mind, imagine what the RCMP have to deal with, and watch how the media has spun this woman into being an esteemed matriarch. Next time you see CBC, the Tyee, or the Narwahl painting the picture of an abused elder, consider that now, you know the rest of the story.

This is Molly’s gang promotional footage (to cash in on GoFundMe) is this how dignified people talk?


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