Fabricating threat of rape to “cover up the growing number of rape cases” in the Gidimt’en Camp

Fabricating threat of rape to “cover up the growing number of rape cases” in the Gidimt’en Camp

In the latest episode of “As my stomach churns” the parody version of the TV sitcom “As the World Turns” the solution to deal with rape claims at the Gidimt’en Camp was to invent their own stories and blame CGL. The first to issue this claim was none other than the Janet Williams who also falsely claims to be a matriarch for the Gidimt’en Clan.

There is a strict Wet’suwet’en protocal, part of their cultural laws that are the guiding principles in how matriarchs are chosen. The rule is that this person must be the head of that family, there is only one in a family and they are as a rule both elderly and respected. Rita George is one well known and respected Gidimt’en matriarch, the other is Ruby Ogen, then there are two more who were more recently added as a result of recent deaths in those families, however Janet Williams is not on that list. (by request we did not name the others publicly)

Janet has previously been given a Wet’suwet’en name (blanket) but was stripped of those names by family for what they call “dirtying the blankets”  I won’t go into detail as they involve her own personal problems. The bottom line is she is neither a matriarch and has no name in the feast hall. The man she calls her husband is her common-law-partner at this time.  The only place she is a somebody is out here in an illegal encampment.

Janet Williams who claims to live there with her husband (Lawrence Bazil) actually does not live there at all, she temporarily relocated to this location less than a year ago.

A quick who is who – Lawrence Bazil is the brother  of Violet Gellenbeck who played an active role in stripping three Wet’suwet’en women of their title as Hereditary chiefs. (another case of all in the family) these plots always go deeper than the press ever takes them. Inclusive of Frank Alec and the property that Janet Williams claims to be squatting on. She might be one of his fan club but she is not a Gidimt’en matriarch.


These are videos produced by Brandi Morin who never once publicly questioned the Gidimt’en Camp or Molly Wickham or her sister Jennifer about going to the RCMP with the names of those men who raped and or violated women in their camp. The one in particular as he claims to be a Hereditary Chief. It says so much about the motive of Brandi when she ignores the admission by Molly of multiple rapes in the camp, but prefers to sling criminal accusations against CGL employees. You really need to listen closely to what she says to already know its an outright lie. No matter how quietly you whisper on a company radio, everyone within radio range can hear it. What are they doing on the CGL radio channel anyways? Monitoring compliance with the law?




For the record, we felt we needed to respond to this, according to Molly herself 20 of the people arrested were not Wet’suwet’en so that means her so called kids are all outsiders, she executes her lies with precision, in our opinion Janet Williams is knowingly being deceitful. We also confirmed this in a full list of who was arrested near the middle of the page. Refer to the lists of arrests November 18th and another on the 19th 2021.

Next comes someone willing to back up the story Janet Williams told. This story comes from Gaylene Morris who claims to have had a lot of interaction with both RCMP and CGL security coming to and from camp? What camp, she is not working in a CGL camp, the only other camp there is Molly’s and the Unist’ot’en Camps. So why is her car equipped with a commercial VHF radio in her car. She claims April 18th, she claims the car was her friends car, so why was it equipped with a unlicensed commercial VHF Radio that also by coincidence had both the road frequency as well as the CGL company frequency programmed in it? The she claims a CGL truck, number 59 was in front of her. Then someone (presuming it was the CGL person who saw her go to the cabin) whispered that if she did not get out of the cabin that “they” would rape her?

So how did the CGL employee (presumably) the person talking, know this private vehicle had a commercial VHF radio in it? In order for her to hear what he said, she would need a radio in her car (or pickup). So put this all together, she is in a borrowed truck or car without the owner or any other adult present, the CGL and police following her, without questioning her why she was driving a car or truck that belonged to another person. Then without stopping her know that there is a VHF radio in that car or truck, that’s pretty damn good guesswork on the part of a would be rapists.

Oh but it does not end there, she admits she was not even sure about what she heard, oh but who gives a damn, pin it on CGL anyways, this is what good news reporters do right Brandi Morin?

Oh but it gets better, she changes channel but the would be rapists also changed channel, and again repeats the threat of rape. How the hell did he know she changed channel?

Also we still do not know who owned this car/truck with the unlicensed radio that had the CGL company frequency programmed into it? Good reporting Brandi. That leaves yet another question, since when was it that if you whisper on a two way VHF radio that someone 50 kilometres away could not here as well as someone 1 kilometre away? Clearly none of these women know how two way radios work, everyone within range of a radio would have heard what she claims to have heard.

Only certified commercial VHF radios, designed for use in the 136-174 MHz range, are legally allowed to be used and must be operated by a person holding a Radio Operator’s Certificate ( ROC-M ).  You may however use a receive only radio, but if it has a microphone its illegal to use it without a Radio Operator’s Certificate ( ROC-M )



This is an unlicensed radio (illegal two way VHF) and there was a second one in another video that was a car/truck radio being used to harass CGL despite that it was unlicensed and illegal.

We are fully aware that Molly’s in her videos have shown they are illegally using these radios. (see below) and listen to the language they used on it, these people belong in jail. They do not behave civilized enough to be allowed their freedoms. Listen to what they say on it! Molly says quote “come on down you mother fuckers” she is more vile than a rattle snake.

Below is the footage of the illegal usage of a commercial unlicensed radio being used by Molly and all those who were in her camp to harass police and CGL from the cabin that was on the drill pad site (Coyote Camp) Where Michael Toledano and Amber Bracken were arrested.


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  1. Wait. I’m just an old white guy so a little confused. Are you saying that there was sexual assault at the Gidimt’en Camp and what Ms. Wickham has done is cover it up just like the church did at the residential schools?

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