Invasion – Our local communities under attack.

Invasion – Our local communities under attack.

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Last Updated: Oct 20th 2021

People who violate Supreme Court Injunctions should automatically be added to Canada’s “Canada’s No Fly List” also known as Passenger Protect Program (PPP) please pressure MP’s and MLA’s to make this happen.

A big thankyou goes out to all the readers sending us tips on this outsider invasion, thank you so kindly from all the residents of the Bulkley Valley.

It appears that increasing numbers of protesters some with criminal backgrounds, histories of previous arrests are being welcomed by a local Hereditary Chief who also faces criminal charges and two make believe Hereditary Chiefs with stolen blankets. One of those two advertises himself as “polyamorous” for whatever other reason than attracting willing participants? Is this why Freda and Warner no longer appear together?

Who is paying them to get here, not for a second do I believe any of them came at their own expense. Someone is paying them to be here, its not a difficult guess as to who that might be.

This page will be updated continually as we discover who the invaders are and where they are from. Considering that there is near zero support from First Nations living in what is commonly referred to as Wet’suwet’en territory, these bullies have resorted to bringing in both known aboriginal activists and known as well us unknown non aboriginals from outside of our northern communities. The sum of their support in Smithers can be summed up by looking at how small the contingent was supporting their illegal actions. (Violating a Supreme Court Injunction is not a right, its an offence)

What happens if you breach a court injunction?
An injunction is a Court Order that either prohibits a person from doing something or requires a person to do something. … If you breach an injunction, you can be held in contempt of court, which could result in imprisonment.

These are the people who are actively supporting their illegal activities and or are committing these illegal activities. As local citizens you have the right to know who the people are that are actively defying our duly elected democratic system and are promoting or participating in undermining it.

Please note the people below are in no particular order, and our reasons for including them will be attached.

(added Oct 20th 2021 below) Considering organizers are getting up to 20 Thousand dollar fines for criminal contempt, we expect they want outsiders to take the fall while they sit on the sidelines basking in glory. That could explain Molly’s desperate plea for feet on the ground.

Molly making a desperate plea for people willing to get arrested.


From left to right John Ridsdale, (Hazelton) Skyler Williams (Mohawk from Ontario) then Eve Saint also daughter of Frank Alec and a known professional protester, next is Logan Staats (Mohawk from Ontario) all three are known professional protesters. On the far right is Warner Naziel


Click to Enlarge (the combined support of First Nations and non aboriginal supporters including many outsiders. (some from Ontario, an activist doctor from Vancouver as well as others still to be identified. We counted less than 40 people, feel free to watch the video and count yourself.

These people were part of the small parade that happened on the 14th of October 2021.  If this represents the Wet’suwet’en people then the number is even less than I expected, am I the only one who noticed the absence of all the Hereditary Chiefs? Could it be they do not want to be seen supporting a criminal? Note the lady in an orange coat, Molly Wickham’s  sister, violating tradition when she should be with family attending her aunts funeral. So many times we see these same people tell us about respecting our ancestors, and do exactly the opposite themselves.

Two non aboriginal organizers were locals husband and wife team of Perry Rath. Read what he said below picture.

Perry Rath and his wife Taisa Jenne
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Also in attendance was Dr. Margaret Mcgregor a well known environmental activist from Vancouver. who openly is involved with trying to block LNG projects here in British Columbia. Her twitter feed is full of environmental activism. I wonder who funded her trip to Smithers?

Anti LNG activist Dr. Margaret McGregor is a family physician and employed by Vancouver Coastal Health

Dr. Margaret McGregor and Dr. Larry Barzelai were both here on behalf of another tree hugger group called the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment  (CAPE)


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This section is dedicated to identifying outsiders who appear to be in violation of the Supreme Court Injunction, and are at Molly’s camp at the CGL Drill pad site.

Skyler Williams proudly posing is an imported protester from Ontario. A very blatant violation of the Supreme Court Injunction.


From’s Indigenous Affairs Editor


Cory Jocko a professional protester from Ontario. “Cory Jocko, 27 of Akwesasne was arrested on March 12th, 2014 and charged with breaching a recognizance for failing to sign in at”


Eve Saint professional protester from Ontario (She was arrested at Gidimt’en, one of two checkpoints set up by the Wet’suwet’en people to stop the CGL pipeline in the previous raid of Molly’s camp in 2020. Also daughter of Frank Alec who now wears the stolen blanket of Darlene Glaim.
Eve Saint and her sister Jocey Alec from Ontario.

Next we have Michael Toledano who claims to be an independent reporter but is anything but independent. He uses credentials obtained from membership in National Press Photographers Association however have a look at their code of ethics and tell me he does not violate them. It appears to me everything he does is all about intentionally breaking this rule, “While photographing subjects do not intentionally contribute to, alter, or seek to alter or influence events.”

The on board video and mouthpiece for protesters, Michael Toledano
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Next we have the two amigos

Skyler Williams and Logan Staats
Posts like this one are the reason why the RCMP have no choice but to come into scenes like this armed to the teeth. You cannot say you come in peace when you make obvious threats like this as public posts. These posts are intentional intimidation.

Police have to be sure there is no sniper fire and will have no choice but to take every action to insure all known weapons are secured first and foremost, its extremely foolish and dangerous for the so called  Wet’suwet’en Hereditary chiefs to allow high powered weapons at the scene where they know their members are in violation of a lawful court injunction. This irresponsible action could result in bloodshed and they will only have themselves to blame. That image posted is a direct threat from a man with a criminal record.

Its amazing the American aboriginal is here, Donna was smack dab in the middle of a war with her own people (Cayuga Nation). 12 properties on five parcels of land were destroyed, looks like we have some real winners showing up here.

Next is another outsider who was here for the last raid, as well he is the same man who arrested on August 22 at the St. Clair River-U.S.-Canada border crossing while en route to the Burning Man arts festival in Nevada. His name is Anton Bueckert.

‘The B.C. Prosecution Service confirms Anton William Bueckert is charged with one count of assaulting a police officer with a weapon near the Unist’ot’en camp on Jan. 8. He appeared Monday in provincial court in Houston and is scheduled to return July 8 to consult a lawyer.” (Jan 10 2019)

Anton Bueckert of Ontario, “was charged with two felony counts of obstructing the legal process and use of tear gas, and third-degree riot, a gross misdemeanor. A state trooper had his thumb broken during Bueckert’s arrest.”

The next person is a Fairy Creek (professional protester) by the name of Shawna Knight.

A 43-year-old mother of two who runs the Buddha Box, a locally sourced food outfit in Shirley, on Vancouver Island’s southwest coast.


Also on site is Molly Murphy another professional Fairy Creek protester from Salt Spring Island.

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