Lamprey Creek its GONE – Seriously?

Lamprey Creek its GONE – Seriously?

Its hard to keep shovelling our way through all the bullshit put out by these people who hate our nation so much. We did our best to expose their lies through images. Like this next one, a pure fabrication using a waterfall that is not even on Lamprey Creek.  Further down this page Jennifer Wickham claims “CGL is now blasting at Lamprey Creek right behind camp and have recieved a permit to remove gravel at the Wedzin Kwa crossing where salmon are spawning.” Also a blatant lie there is ZERO gravel coming out of Lamprey Creek or the Morice River, furthermore the creek has all the required environmental protections in place to insure there will be NO impact on salmon and steelhead.


Pure deceit! There is ZERO blasting occurring in Lamprey Creek.


IMAGINE -The powerful force of nature to have dust rising out of the ground from under the snow, somehow in spite of all the rain and mud and now snow, the show must go on, when you start with a lie, you have to sustain the lie.


Did they really say that?
Ummm YES they did.

Strange from their own drone photos, the creek is still there, the black protective fences are still in front of it. See below. Gone? Look below, or maybe go see an optometrist about getting a pair of glasses.

She said she held the tobacco and asked the ancestors to help her stay strong.

The first step to a pure body and mind is to admit you are addicted to cigarettes, and using your ancestors as an excuse to keep smoking, is a lousy example to the kids who follow in our footsteps.

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