I am a Wet’suwet’en man from the dark house

The abuse of power must be stopped.

EDITORS NOTE:  The problem with abuse of power is that it often comes with two evil sides, the first is the threat of what will happen to you if you dare to speak about it, the second is how abusers lift up and pedestal people that support them, to make it look like they are good people. In recent history, all it takes is a few good people to step forward the break the chain of power that keeps abuse silenced.


It is a very intimidating and daunting task to stand up against a power that may not be questioned, supreme power, the ability to control without checks and balances can be a dangerous thing.

There are many kinds of abuse that can lead to damaging scares in people families, in this case we do not refer to sexual abuse or physical, but rather the abuse of power. It’s painful, its personal, its embarrassing to come forward, but the more people who come forward, the easier it gets for others to come forward, until the problem gets rooted out and everyone is better off.

Letter to the Editor,

I am a Wet’suwet’en man from the dark house. I was raised to speak my language by my great grandmother, the prior Nedebeas Christine Holland. I was raised proud of my heritage and have never known any other way of being no matter where in the world I may have been. I left to go to to school and travel for about 10 years and came back about 20 years ago. I came back to give back and work with the people. Over the past 20 years I have worked for many Indigenous people but never my own. When you don’t come from here you don’t exist. Such terrible etiquette and backward thinking. I am over it.


The 5 that you speak about are a real threat to our way of being and represent a real retrograde approach to governance and unity, peace , and harmony. The reckless and reactionary approach coupled with bullying and intimidation only speak to the ignorance many of us have had to endure.


I come from a long-house culture that claims to listen to all families within a house group. NOT JUST ONE! This is not the way Wet’suwet’en practice kinship. NOPE. The hijacking of female names is yet another outright disregard for tradition. I was taught that my house chief was matrilineal handed from the oldest female to the oldest female. How is it that a man now carries that name. It was never to go to a man. The level of hypocrisy has also been quite galling. Most of the 5 have been fierce loggers with huge capital and machines killing and hauling logs since the 60s and 70s and well into the new millennium. They have made millions of dollars logging trees, sitting on board with Canfor and benefiting. Did anyone else in the house group benefit? NOPE. When the forest and range agreements were signed back in the 80’s where were the 5? Oh logging! Why the sudden interest in pipeline activism? Money, power, and plain old greed. The paper trail for these hooligans who live on my land is long since known, but now I have learned about go fund me pages totally $300 000 who made the decision to beg? I was raised that that was a no starter. You work an honest day for your wages and never rely on anyone. YUCK and shame. Also it has come to my attention that one of the 5 is both roadblocking and clearing the right of way for the pipeline now isn’t that just awesome? Unbelievable and the rest of the family turns a blind eye. Go figure. Better save face. DEMOCRACY NOW!


I know that my grandmother had big plans for me and I have gone out in the world and done all that they would have been so proud of. This is never once been acknowledged. I turn to love, truth, honor, and respect for myself to raise above. There will be a day of reckoning for all of the haters and takers who can never have enough…power, prestige, idols, who hide behind Christianity. Laughable. I let go on a day to day basis to protect myself knowing that I know who I am and now one can take that away from me. I appreciate all of the women and men who have bothered to post here it is cathartic and I want to thank you for this and support the George women who have been treated so horribly and dishonorably.

(Name withheld by request)

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