Warner intends to build a camp on Parrot Lake

Stolen Title Stolen Lands
Stolen Title Stolen Lands

To the Editor,

Responding to Warner Naziel’s sister Lorraine in Voices of Witset on Facebook    Does the end justify the means? Can noble goals be achieved through dirty politics?

This speaking event was held last night according to Lorraine’s post.  The Lakes District News has an article that Warner intends to build a camp on Parrot Lake this summer he has a call out for volunteers. Saw that article in yesterday’s paper.

I think the Environmental supporters of his cause are buying into a nasty mess … Read A.G Morice’s History of the Interior of Northern British Columbia again the other day and see that he uses the phrase since “time immemorial” twice in the book.

In one of the appendix he says the Russians likely came ashore in North America in 1648 and Simon Fraser saw several items of Russian manufacture on his journey to the mouth of the Fraser in 1807.

Morice also talks about there being no chiefs before trade with the North West Company and Hudson Bay Company there were several classes of society though with the nobles having hereditary titles and territories Page 5 “As to the Babines, the Carriers , and the Chilcotins, they possessed what they called Toeneza, hereditary noblemen who owned the hunting grounds and were the honorary heads of various clans.

Succession to rank or property invariably followed the female line among the Babines and Carriers while among the Chilcotin and Sekanais, hereditary was as amongst us always on the side of the father. ”
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  1. We have conclusive evidence that both Warner Naziel and Adam Gagnon belong to the Owl House and have no rights to the lands they intend to occupy without free prior consent of the legitimate members of the Sun House.

    Even if they have a cousin who is a lawyer, all the more it becomes willful breach of the law.

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