Parrot Lakes Recreation Site – No Free Prior and Informed Consent

In a declaration made by Warner Naziel and Adam Gagnon, made on their website and as posted below titled Likhts’amisyu Spring Construction Camp, be aware they do not have “Free Prior and Informed Consent” to commence this project on Sun House territory. They are proceeding in absolute disrespect to First Nations laws, yet they intend to proceed regardless.

Second the use of the title Smolgelgem which belongs to Gloria George who is the legal title holder for that name and territory. Posted below is correct Gloria George leads the Sun House, and if you refer to the genealogy below you will see Warner Naziel is a wing chief of the Owl House.

The intent is simple, people in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa have no reason to suspect they are being duped by a pair of hooligans using social media to make money. A lot of money. The Unistoten Camp has long surpassed 300 Thousand dollars.

Theft of title “Smogelgem” the three named above are all from the Owl House

Two members of the Owl House from the Likhts’amisyu Clan are illegally claiming territory that does not belong to their house. They do not have “Free and Prior or Informed Consent.” From their Facebook page they describe themselves as “two renown warrior chiefs, Smolgelgem and Dsahayl. Smolgelgem (also known as Toghestiy and Warner Naziel) co-founded the Unist’ot’en Camp(Note, also not on their own territory)


Proof by self confession they did it first on another territory they do not own. They do NOT have permission from the Sun House Clan either.

Like a mantra you keep hearing from the Unis’ot’ten Camp that it is forbidden to take actions on lands you do not own without free and prior consent.

It is becoming very evident rules only apply to others, but those opposing the LNG line are allowed to make, break, and create whatever laws needed to win their case. They fail continually to see the obvious, they cannot even obey laws “they say” are the foundation of Wet’suwet’en laws.

Warner Naziel is from the Owl house as is Adam Gagnon. (see genealogy below)

They will be trespassing on the unceded lands under the authority of Gloria George, the legal hereditary chief of the Sun house.

In recent weeks both Warner Naziel and Adam Gagnon have been making statements they are from the Sun House and making an illegal claim to the title of Smogelgem.

The following is a copy of the Genealogy of the Owl Clan (we whited out the birth dates)
These two imposters pretend to own land they have no right to, they do not have permission to occupy or build on Sun House unceded territory.

This extends to anyone intending to build on Sun House unceded territory, they need permission from the Sun House Hereditary Chief Gloria George.

This is part of a copy of the genealogy presented to the Supreme Court of Canada in the Gisday’way hearings. it is beyond any doubt absolute and correct.

Below is a copy from their website, in regards to their intentions.

Likhts’amisyu Spring Construction Camp

APRIL 28, 2019 – MAY 18, 2019

The Likhts’amisyu Clan is about to embark on a Spring Construction Camp. We will be building permanent buildings on our territory in an effort to assert our precolonial rights and jurisdiction on our lands. We will be asking for help from volunteers to assist in fundraising, building a cabin, a kitchen dining and a bunk house, and also the associated outbuildings.

Our other long-term construction project will be the design and construction of a Climate Change Research Facility. We know that there is an identified need for such a facility on our lands. There is a high amount of destructive extraction projects destroying not only Wet’suwet’en territories but also many other territories and the cumulative impacts on our biosphere causing extreme weather events around the planet. These issues need attention not only from the scientific community and the General public but also absolutely must include the Indigenous populations dealing with those destructive colonial impacts all around the World.

In this Climate Change Research facility we will look at inviting prominent climate scientists to assist us with presenting the clearest and most current portrayals of climate change. We would like to also look at creating Climate Change Curriculum for elementary schools, high schools, and post-secondary institutions. This place would also host Climate Change Camps for parents interested in helping steer their children and Youth into a future with strong critical thinking skills.

We plan on the Construction Period being between April 28th until May 18th. This initiative will likely start with site prep before April 28, 2019 with site preparation and logistical planning. It will also likely continue after May 18, 2019, with finishing off the construction projects.

We are looking for people who have carpentry, electrical, and log construction experience. We are also willing to invite people who have little to no experience with any construction trade skills but are strong and willing to help out with the construction projects. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills off of skilled trades people. We also hope to start a large garden on the site for growing food. First Aid skills and Cooking skills are also essential personnel to have at our camp.

To get to the camp you must travel South from the town of Houston BC and onto the Buck Flats Forest Service Road for 28 kilometers. You then turn right onto the Parrot Trail FSR for an additional 11 kilometers. You cross over the Colleymount FSR intersection and onto the Parrot Lakes Recreation Site driveway for an additional 3 kilometers to the construction site.


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  1. The Parrot Lake camp will be on the Fraser watershed so Warner and pals have now moved off the Skeena/Bulkley/Morice and onto a whole different watershed… they are moving into the “back yard” of the reserves at the west end of Francois Lake. The Felix George reserve on Owen Lake where members of the George clan hold reunions every summer is still on the Skeena watershed but Parrot Lakes drain into Francois Lake on the Fraser watershed.

  2. I recently went to Parrot Lake without having prior knowledge of the political goings on there. I arrived at night, in the dark. Parrot Lake is marked on maps as a public use recreation site and there are road signs that indicate this as well. I found a shell of a log cabin and set up to sleep the night. About two hours later, just as I was falling asleep. I was roused by a man’s voice saying “I have a gun!” in a threatening manner. There is currently a lunatic squatting out there and it needs to be looked into.

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