Parrot Lakes – Fiction and Fantasies

The proud son of a "colonizer" Adam Gagnon

Someone recently reminded me of a quote I knew all too well, originating during the Hitler years. The following seems to be a perfect fit for the present day chiefs that control the Office.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (in this case the Office)


I did however find Adam Gagnon’s reference to Dr. Hooks “Medicine Show” both amusing and accurate, especially the “we take all kinds of pills to give us all kinds of thrills, but the thrill we have never known, is the thrill that will get you”, when you steal the Sun House’s blanket and land, and claim it as your own…….

“Let’s get the Medicine Show on the road….”

In a recent video production narrated by Adam Gagnon, Adam makes a lot of claims about property out at the Parrot Lakes that need for the record to be addressed to separate fact from fiction.

Let’s begin with a little history lesson. Adam Gagnon is the son of a (immigrant or settler) from Quebec. Adam’s mother is aboriginal and Wet’suwet’en, this is how Adam acquired some aboriginal DNA. His mother Annie Tommy had children in a previous relationship that now make up the older half brothers and sisters of Adam.

Louie Gagnon (Adam’s dad) was as I said, a white man or settler or as these radicals put it his dad was colonialist.

Back in the 70’s Adam himself came across as a proud colonialist who was very proud of his French Canadian heritage. Adam was fortunate enough to get to travel back to Quebec to meet all his (colonialist) family during his teen years. A trip that must have left a big mark in his life as it was one he loved to share with the kids he grew up with.

He grew up in the colonialists, white man’s town of Houston, then in the late 70’s Adam’s parents moved to Smithers. So for all intensive background experience, Adam grew up as “white colonialist” like rest of the local residents did.

But we all know there is no magical inheritance in being born a Canadian, but all Canadians appear to owe aboriginals big time, its like a lotto jackpot waiting to be cashed in, called land claims. Its a DNA jackpot waiting to be cashed in. No need to get a job, just wait for the cash in day to start celebrations. No laughing matter is some think this to be the gospel truth, so they sit, rant and wait.

NOTE: Radical environmentalists cannot stand the idea we have people called Canadians in Canada, to promote HATE they coined the term “Colonialists, immigrants and settlers.”

It is only due to the extreme racism being leveled at the white humans by these aboriginal anarchists that we return the favor when we write about them, even though the Bulkley Valley had every color and race of people living in it, people  who all got along great, as did even the Gagnon family with all the local people. I truly believe if we could time warp them back to the 70’s you would see some very embarrassed half breeds trying to explain themselves to their own families.

Its like the rejected half breeds of yesterday have become today’s crusaders for the lost treasures that come with landing a multi billion dollar land claim.

There is wealth in the DNA so why work for a living, demand the cheque and refuse to take NO for an answer


Takes us where we are at today. Please also read Fake Chiefs and Deadbeat Dads as this article is directly related.

To start with we need to look at the location Parrot Lakes as well as all known history about them in regards to Adam’s claims. For a full briefing on the ownership of Parrot Lakes please read: Parrot Lakes Recreation Site – No Free Prior and Informed Consent

It does make one wonder what fool (Suzuki Foundation) would spend millions on a climate change facility without checking who owns the land first. So many questions, so few answers, the first being that of what clan has rights to that land, and as the article points out it does not belong to the Owl house but it does belong to the Sun House and is by every definition of the law unseeded land that is unseeded to Chief Smogelgem (Gloria George) of the Sun House, and not to that of Adam’s nephew who has no rights to the land at all, see  Warner Naziel is not Chief Smogelgem

If the issue of ownership is contested, it will be done so in the Supreme Court of Canada and there is no legal foundation to suggest Gloria George ever surrendered or relinquished her hereditary rights as head of the Sun House. So every building they build out there becomes part of the unseeded property of the legitimate Smolgelgem.

Do you still want to invest those millions when you have no assurance that Adam has any sort of legal control of the land?

Next comes Adam’s story of how after WW1 how aboriginals were moved off of the land (blanket statement that is historically as wrong as it right) but is a tidy explanation for his next outrageous claim. Sort of like saying based on the fact that it rained in Canada last night; it must have rained in Prince George last night. Not all aboriginals were forced onto reserves, many were, and many were not.

Adam claims Parrot Lakes housed at least 4 ancestral home sites. Despite thousands of pages of testimony by all of the elders throughout this region, not a single reference to a settlement at or near Parrot Lakes. Here we have a high school dropout with no background in aboriginal history, grew up like all “netos” (white man) and learned the same aboriginal history that all local did, knows something about history that no one else was privy to.

Next comes the issue of archaeological overview assessment, if all of what Adam claims is true, where are the archaeological assessments they made prior to digging and ripping up the ground with his bobcat, followed by a scene of a gas guzzling boat. With all of the screaming going on by these professional hooligans, you would think they could practice what the preach, but is anyone surprised that the law always applies to others and never to themselves? They are all gas sucking addicted oil using hypocrites.

What about their lament about ending our dependence on oil and gas, yep most of the protestors where there for the demolition derby in Telkwa, like nothing was wrong, yep they also show up for the mud bog races in both Houston and Witest, and have all of the expensive toys like quads, snowmobiles, cars pickups, generators, power saws, all consuming gas, but want the rest of us to throw away our keys. They are not opposed to themselves using OIL and Gas, they are opposed to Canadians using OIL and Gas.

Adam fails to explain how so many Wet’suwet’en, Carrier Sekani, Babine, Burns Lake, Decker Lake, Cheslatta Carrier Nation, literally hundreds if not thousands of families did not move onto reserves, even his own mother spent very little time ever living on a reserve. It was only in his adult years when the benefits of aboriginal funding, by having relatives working in the right places did Adam move onto the reserve himself.

Then flaunting his success (was it really?) you cannot miss his mansion on top of “Idiot Rock.” Now considering this Witset is the property of the “Little Frog Clan” “Laksilyu” makes one wonder how someone from another clan acquired that prime piece of real estate?

While some live in abject poverty others live over the top.
While some live in abject poverty others live over the top.

One can only surmise that the “pity party” equals “profit” and now is the time to milk the cow, the public is ripe for the picking and too ignorant to verify the truth. We live in a day if social media says so it must be true.

He ends the video doing something the Wet’suwet’en people have never done, stooping to begging for handouts via GoFundMe. Having said that it’s amazing how much money you can earn from begging, as the other protest groups have learned it pays better that a university career. No wonder so many people are eager to try protesting for a living. The money comes from working people, how shameless it is to be a bum and let them pay all your bills.

Seriously folks need to stop inventing history, there are far too many of us still around that agree on what really took place here, after all its why we are still here, it’s our home. You can silence some of us, but you cannot silence all of us.

Below witness how rude Adam Gagnon can be, even knowingly making a video of the event, along side him he brings his non Wet’suwet’en guests, is that because he has no local support?


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  1. One of our readers pointed out that not only was Adam’s mother who spent very little time on a reserve, his grandmother on his mothers side was born off reserve in Skeena Crossing in 1892. Thus once again contradicting Adam’s claims about being forced to live on reserves. Information verified by a death certificate, signed by Adam’s mother.

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