The Guardian Gimmick – Written by Two Obstructionists

CGL Camp on the Morice

About the only part of the news that did not make the news is who was behind the stories in the Guardian Newspaper, The truth is Crystal Gidaagakoonz Greene had it right, there was no newly discovered documents, this was a GoFundMe PR stunt.

They deliberately failed or misled the public to believe these were written by their own staff when in fact they were featured guest writers, both of them known anti oil and anti pipeline activists.

A new twist in this story from someone who was on the inside of that camp, during the raids. Now this used and discarded camp volunteer is striking back. In her own words Crystal Gidaagakoonz Greene describes what the hooligans, mostly non Wet’suwet’en are doing.

Its so sad the press is giving all Wet’suwet’en a bad reputation for what less than a handful of shit disturbing half-breeds are doing.

Here you have it from one of the protestors who was there on the front lines.

“The info behind the guardian article is old news withheld until now because their go-fund-me needed a top-up, and the spotlight has been fading since last year. Trust me, I know how PR and media works, you need a big story to grab peoples waning attention once again. Almost a whole year has gone by since the raid, perfect timing is also a factor. Fyi, an entire mancamp has already moved past the two camps and already intact for upcoming construction (eye witness here), but you’ll never see anything public about it because it shatters the illusion of resistance that keeps the donations flowing in. That’s why idk about movements anymore, what happens when people stop resisting, they take industry shut-up money, everything they once stood for is no longer, as one by one each mancamp trailer has already moved in, and tommorow that pipeline will already be built, stopping it was all but a pipedream, nothing but talk.

Crystal Gidaagakoonz Greene – In her own words, nails it.

Now I am going to use a term I rarely if ever used in public comments before, so in wrapping up the year lets do it with a big bang.

If you want to really see how rude these bastards are in real life, watch this video clip.

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