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The protesters set up the highway blockade in response to a call to action issued by members of the Wet’suwet’en First Nations opposing the Coastal Gaslink pipeline project in northern BC.”

Not every aboriginal is radical, its more like a screaming stuck brake on a rail car, the one in a million sounds like the entire train. This is the case when it comes to aboriginal protests, other than most of the participants are incredibly white or non aboriginal. The following is a letter or message we found in social media, and as we did not ask the young lady for permission to print, we kept her name on file but did not print it.

Her story is not really that unfamiliar, millions of aboriginals across Canada suffer from the same embarrassment on a daily basis.



“The scene at the B.C. Ferries Terminal in Swartz Bay this morning as I walked out to Island Highway to catch my bus after the Night Shift.

I am Métis but have always felt ashamed of being Native & this is just another example of why for me.

Ironic how it’s Monday morning, we’re all busy going to work or just getting off work & these people are lying around in the middle of the highway. Not at all different from their endless lying around. Tax Dollars paid for them to be here at 6:00 a.m. but yet they can’t get themselves to a job that actually contributes to the society we ALL live in. Shaking my head.

RESPECT INDIGENOUS LAW says one of their signs. How about YOU RESPECT the fact that many people you now hugely inconvenienced are missing flights out of Vancouver for well earned & deserved Vacations, major Medical Appointments, Surgeries & Funerals to name a few. Shame on you. You lost what little respect I did have for these types of Protests & Groups. I’m so over all these Pipeline issues.

I’m over a people group pretending to care about lands that are their own but when you go onto their “land” it is so obvious how not respected it is by its occupants. If you truly cared about your lands, start by caring about the condition of your homes & own backyards.

A totally disgrace to my Heritage. A total disgrace to Humanity. Not a peaceful protest but a blatantly disrespectful way to try and get your point across about a Pipeline that isn’t yours, on lands you continue to pollute & destroy with your way of life & yet claim you care so much about. Now GO HOME or get a JOB but stop lying around on highway asphalt and being the problem, not the solution to this whole PIPELINE DREAM. End of rant. #Wetsuweten #Shame

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