Brandi Morin – Non-Accredited Media

Brandi Morin – Non-Accredited Media

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They do not want independent, professional and non-partisan judgments about pipelines or other energy projects. Instead, they want to appeal to those who lack expertise and objectivity or are politically opposed to all energy development to substitute bias for professional judgment.

In order to do a better job of exposing the eco cult we have allowed another new website to take over the work we started.
That website can be found here. Environmentalism Exposed

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  1. She disrespect my sons people and the memory of Tamara Chipman. The RCMP did everything they could to bring her killer’s to justice. It very sad that she knew who her killer’s were. They were people she hung out with and called friends. Two of these awful people were also Aboriginal. All 4 involved are dead now due to O.D. This Brandi is a blatant lier using the tragic deaths of women to gain fortune and fame. Both my son and myself find this repugnant in the lowest wat possible.

  2. The issue I see here is not whether Brandi Morin has any accreditation, it’s the fact that she feigns the persona of being an objective journalist when she is an activist, and lobbyist. There are a great number of non accredited “citizen journalists” and more all the time, they often cover events that the legacy media is unaware of, or unwilling to cover, this website is an excellent example of this. Brandi Morin, on the other hand, is a scribe, and propagandist, the likes of which the Soviet KGB, and Joseph Goebbels would readily identify with. Unfortunately we see these same habits working their way into the legacy media, like the on again, off again accounts surrounding Jeffery Epstein, where they will sit on the names of those who enjoyed the services of that creep, until it’s politically expedient to release one.

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