West Coast Environmental Law – Eco-Radical Organizations

West Coast Environmental Law – Eco-Radical Organizations

West Coast Environmental Law has gone far beyond its mandate as provided under the Charitable organizations regulations.

West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundations acts to preserve and protect the environment by supporting or conducting legal research to develop laws, regulations, standards and objectives that will promote the maintenance of environmental quality, and by making representations based on such research to elected representatives and public officials; by educating the public about laws, regulations and current issues related to the environment; and by promoting the enforcement and improved efficacy of existing environmental laws and regulations.


No surprise to see a local  lawyer Richard Overstall is on the board of directors. He is also on the local Friends of Wild Salmon and The Bulkley Valley Research Centre  and probably in a few more organizations all working towards the goal of shutting down industry in Northern British Columbia. Note that this organization is heavily funded by the American Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation


From the hoses mouth, need I say more?



You cannot be independent when you are dependent on American money, it comes with its own set of rules.


Look at the books, the money, pay close attention to the money laundering (Total amount received from other registered charities ($)) Is how they hide where funds come from.


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