Molly Wickham strikes again

Molly Wickham strikes again

We are still on and extended summer vacation, but felt it was time to address the elephant in the room. Here we have Molly at it again, she complains that CGL has permits to put a pipe under the creek, but she has never complained about Freda’s camp putting a backhoe into the Morice River to put in a water supply to their camp. While we are on the subject maybe someone could ask Nathan Cullen why the government never laid charges for this very severe infraction, especially when it was done during salmon spawning season.

Molly lied when she said trench through Lamprey Creek, CGL will trench under it to insure the creek bed will remain untouched. Also they are not the last of the lamprey eels, in fact they are not even on the endangered list.

Molly goes on to blame CGL for the theft of what was probably planted artifacts, I am sure Cody knows the truth about it, and it was the Environmental Assessment Office that now holds the items in question, again one should be talking to Nathan Cullen and the NDP why they are still in governments hands. But for Molly’s narrative a little bent or twisted truth serves her intentions well.

Then she talks about hunting season, since when did aboriginals need to wait for white mans hunting season? Ooops another talking point blooper.

Next Molly makes a call for boots on the ground, while she herself (look at the background) lives in the comforts of the downtown area. Again she calls for help, makes me have to ask, if local Wet’suwet’en are not interested, or do not agree with her narrative why should outsiders be allowed to come into our backyard with the primary objective of breaking the law? CGL has permits, standing in their way is deemed illegal, so she is calling on outsiders to break the law for her.

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  1. Wow! What a great source of Information! It is the 21st century and this is the way to be heard.

    The liars are so frustrating. Thanks for the FACTS!!


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