Commission Follows Up on Archaeological Complaint

miracles do happen, just when you need them the most

Its high time for criminal charges and or the dismantling of the criminal camp at the Morice River. How much more do honest people have to endure at the hands of hoodlums.

The soils upon which the artifacts were found would not typically contain any such cultural artifacts and this was likely not their original location. However, a definitive determination on their exact location of origin can not be made.

I would suggest they check to see is the arrowheads originated from the Haida Gwaii, considering this was the intended field of study by Cody Merriman, one of the primary original 4 blockaders.





Addendum: Aside from the comment submitted we have received a number of pointers and comments from people living in Witset, who are also questioning what happened to the artifacts found during the reconstruction of the RV Park in Witset. Was there an inventory of items found? Can they all be accounted for now. One reader said the arrowheads looked identical to the ones found in Witset during construction not long ago.

It should be noted that despite the artifacts found, there was no work stoppage and construction carried on as originally planned.

So it would be good if someone in Witset can verify that the items are secure and not being replanted.

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  1. I see that after 3 days, the Commission’s findings is finally being adressed by the Unistoten camp. (Not here, of course- on their propoganda page) Usually so vocal and quick with comebacks too, losing that “sharp edge”!? They get to “spin” the story how they like then.
    I too wonder where they got the “planted” items. I do seem to recall that when the RV site across Moricetown (now Witset) was being developed, several lithic items were found. Specifically when they dug up the spot for the long stairways from the rv site to the bridge. Gee, I gotta ask – Where are/were those items stored afterwards? Who has access to items such as these. I wonder if any have gone missing from the RV site discovery?
    Another thing- that whole Unistoten camp site, water line, and pit house were built over several years. Not ONCE during that time was an artifact uncovered, i mean the camp has been there going on 10 years now! Thats where i naturally assumed something would “turn up”, but no, it was right at the front line of development of CGL. How convenient.
    Make no mistake, industry has been through much of their “untouched” territory. You see the plantations CGL is going through. In fact, i beleive that small, precious Whitebark Pine was planted by canfor or west Fraser as a part of migration planting. Canfor, MoF, and West Fraser developed the road system and the pullouts that are now being used as staging sites for the Protestors- the one at 44 km was always used to stop and check logging truck loads to make sure they are secure before continuing onto the mill. Much easier to take over a pre-developed industry site than make your own.
    One play after the other by the Unistoten camp, now the call for funding to bring in outside support! Good grief! Well, the buck stops here as people are noticing and speaking out. Thank goodness for that and for your forum for them to do so.

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