Climate Change and Pipelines

Fear mongering is big business.

For the past 30 years like many people, we not only showed and shared a concern about losing the precious environment we have, many of us fought dearly to preserve it. There is nothing wrong with that, we need to stand up for what we believe in.

Over that 30 years we were successful in making sure no pipelines made it to the Pacific Ocean, we even managed to get a tanker ban on our west coast.

So the one thing we can be certain about, is that pipelines had nothing to do with the rapidly declining salmon stocks, the absence of those pipelines did not change global warming, it just changed who earned the profits on resource extraction, Canada was left out by way of morally rejecting pipelines that we now know clearly made no difference.

We watch in horror as we suffered beetle infestations, God forbid to use pesticides to stop it (the lament of environmentalists), now the pine beetle has run its course and see quote below.

Pine beetle destruction.

“Over 18 million hectares of forest were impacted to some degree, resulting in a loss of approximately 723 million cubic metres (53%) of the merchantable pine volume by 2012. The epidemic peaked in 2005: total cumulative losses from the outbreak are projected to be 752 million cubic metres (58%) of the merchantable pine volume by 2017, when the epidemic will have largely subsided in British Columbia.

This will significantly impact our salmon runs for decades to come, not to mention the damages moose and deer ticks are making. All of this and we cannot blame a single pipeline as the cause.

What we do know is that the public has been asking for more money be spent on Medicare, on social services, and hundreds of millions will be need to help aboriginal communities who struggle in poverty and see suicide rates that are epidemic in proportion.

I will make this short and sweet, we now know pipelines are not the cause of global warming, we do know everyone outside of Canada is making money hand over fist, selling pipeline oil and gas, the only thing we are sure of is we are being left out at our own expense.

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  1. I hope it isn’t too late. I hope that the indigenous people will see what protesting the pipelines and the oil and gas industry has done to the economy. I also hope that more will like you, the author of this site (I found it via a friend, you have been most informative of many of the questions I needed answers to) are able to educate others of the importance of the oil and gas (as well as all our resource industries) to the prosperity of this country. To allow the foreign funded ENGOs to influence Canadian decisions is incomprehensible to me. No Canadian wants to destroy the environment. More indigenous Canadians like you and Ellis Ross, Crystal Smith and others in Alberta need to speak out against those that would destroy this country and her sovereignty. I applaud you and I respect you.

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