WNCG Proposal – Wit”n MOU and governor model

From: Theresa TaitDay
Date: Fri, May 1, 2020 at 11:32 AM
Subject: Fwd: WNCG Proposal.pdf. Wit”n MOU and governor model

Good day Chiefs, I just want to bring you up-to-date since our meeting with Minister Bennett in Ottawa March March 10 . 2020 and the video I shared from that meeting.  At that time  I was invited to Ottawa to speak on the pipeline and the governance issues as it pertains to our nation. I met with Minister Bennett for an hour and a half. At which time I informed her that we Wit”n  did not have a formal governance structure in place that was inclusive of band council. I said we all have to decide on what kind of governance model we would agree to. ( Can we have a virtual meeting on this)

As you know the hereditary house chiefs HHC‘s have said Recently in  a  press release that we all agree  on a governance model   Using our feast system as a way to make decisions for our nation .  We need to structure a government system that is inclusive and democratic in making decisions about major projects .  Like the pipeline . ( The protesters are still there and do not agree with that HHC’s on this,) see molly post

 I love our feast system but it is archaic and slow  it does not include our nation in decision making.  While there are clan meetings this is not adequate . Our feast systems belongs  in respect to our beloved  ones who have passed.

Chiefs, I asked minister this and she agreed.

1. Governance funding to set up formal governance strategy
• 2. No signing/negotiation of agreement without this formal governance structure in place
• To put the title and right aside until a governance model is in place
Attached is a governance structure that is inclusive of band chiefs and clans . For discussion .
Minister is expecting a proposal to work on governance by our nation. I would suggest a committee be struck by a band Chiefs and hereditary’s to work on governance.  (
Do we agree on a governance model as a nation?   The HHC say we do . I have not seen the MOU.   Have u and has the Bands Had a chance to talk about this with their members?
For Your members who have not seen the MO U I would suggest you write a letter to minister Bennett on behalf of your members.
I am available to help out with this as I believe we must have a democratic system team of decision making.

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  1. That model looks like it blends the hereditary and elected ways of governing and allows the Wet’suwet’en to form a united front and present a form of governance that fits in the Canadian nation, without special interests blindsiding and pitting band against band. Too bad the MOU that is in the Interior News looks like the chiefs are going to be handed everything from child welfare to resource projects to control over all land ( crown or otherwise) to full control over fish resources. Be interested in how it turns out

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