Canadian Taxpayer debt by Wun Feather

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Aug 24th 2020

Happy coffee break from my office.

Do you know that when PET was in power from 1968-1979 and from 1980-1984, Canadian Taxpayer debt rose by just under 739%?
The country had seen double digit percentage points in debt load before, but never TRIPLE digits!!
Then from 1984-1994 under Brian Mulroney (68% increase), 1994-2004 under Jean Chretien (1.8% increase.
Paul Martin grew the debt by 4.7% from 2004-06 and then Steven Harper added an additional 12.5% increase to our debt load.
You can look these numbers up, but if you use Google, it might be a challenge to figure out how our country went from $18 Billion debt in 1968 under Lester Pearson, to $158 Billion under Justin’s famous dad.
Now, under young Justin, we have no idea where our debt load is, and the worst thing about it, is this:
We have record numbers of adults who do not pay income taxes!
Our basements are full of adults who are living off their mommies and daddys, and as long as they know the pass code to their parents WI-FI, that is not going to change.
Sadly, I predict that there are so many people of voting age in this country, who have no idea where the money they get each month comes from, that they will gleefully vote for the Liberals in the next federal election.
Why wouldn’t they?
They are not the ones who will pay that money back!
Sorry to be the bearer of this news folks, but without some seriously hard time in their lives, we are saddled with a high percentage of adults who think their money just comes from some magical trust fund that they heard about, or saw on a power point presentation one time.
Like the money under their pillows that the tooth fairy left in the middle of the night, money from the government just magically appears.
I am going to remove my mask long enough to sip my coffee and think about my retirement years.
I will be 63 next week, and I was thinking about retiring in two years time.
But my investment portfolios have gone to hell under this leadership, and I feel like I have to start over from the beginning again.
What a joker I am.
I guarantee anyone who will vote for Trudeau in the next election is not thinking about their retirement years.
To those adults, they will just get more CERB or direct deposits from that magical money pot in Ottawa.

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