Molly Wickham gets a lesson in Respect for Elders – Pt.2

Molly Wickham gets a lesson in Respect for Elders – Pt.2

This video is of a phone call between Molly Wickham and her matriarchal great aunt, 80 year old Rita George, who was better known for her work as a translator in the Delgamuukw land claims case that made aboriginal land claims legitimate in Canada. Rita was a key partner in that case along with all the other matriarchs and chiefs who testified on behalf of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. Molly is well known for always referring to offerings and respect to our ancestors, which in itself is respectful, however when her words and level of respect contradicts all that she claims.

On behalf of this website, I am very grateful and humbled by the video I was privileged to watch and share with you. I will post an short intro to each video to explain why we posted them. The videos were released to us with the understanding they will be used to bear witness to one and all of what was said this Remembrance Day in 2020.

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In this video we see that Molly who always preaches about respecting elders, in fact is a very belligerent young lady who simply lives and does what she pleases, her act of respecting elders is simply non existent when you watch and listen to this video. We apologies the volume makes it difficult to hear, but it gets much better when Molly goes on speakerphone at the 4 min mark.

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  1. Molly spoke over Rita and gave her so much attitude. She pretended to feel threatened when faced with the real traditional laws. She says she wants it to be civil she is anything but civil. That Molly Wickham sure likes to hear herself talk, I cannot wait for the 3rd part in this series. When Rita said “you are a little girl with a baby name” – YESSSSSSSS. When ever they are called out for their behaviour they automatically go to the victim mentality of the Pipe Line. Rita has made it clear this was not about the Pipe Line.

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