Taylor Bachrach sandbags RCMP in Parliament

Taylor Bachrach sandbags RCMP in Parliament

Photo above Molly Wickham packing a hunting rifle that stays out in camp. There is no evidence whatsoever that this rifle was securely stored to insure it could not be used during the police raid.



Here is a man who was close to being born and raised Sierra Club intentionally making Canada look bad on the international stage in an effort to hide his true intentions of trying to shut down all oil and gas in Canada, on behalf of their organization. It not the first time he has put a knife in the backs of his constituents.

Note to date Molly Wickham has yet to prove she is a Wet’suwet’en and that her status card does not read that she is a Stellat’en.

Peaceful unarmed indigenous victims, bull crap, most of the people there were not even indigenous, but professional protesters that came from other camps around Canada.

I have to agree with Frank Alec who said all it would have taken is one shot and there would or could have been dead people on the scene. One shot by a protester willing to shoot at police or sacrifice one of their own and it would have been mayhem, even a leg shot. Considering the tough talk about putting RCMP on the run, I am sure Taylor  would have been the first to accuse police of incompetence and not being properly prepared, if they would have arrived unarmed and it became a violent brawl instead of the peaceful end it did come to.

Jocko the Mohawk from Ontario, screams at the top of his lungs trying to intimidate a CGL employee. They came across as the tough invincible Mohalk’s who were going to show the RCMP what they were made of.

We know the type of scum that camps like this attract as we recently heard about a rape case that has yet to be addressed by Molly’s camp, and the accused was an American citizen.

This is what Taylor is encouraging, the stoking of flames, heating an intense situation, and grandstanding at the expense of our people and our nation.

Look at this video Taylor, Molly is inciting hate and violence (RIGHT NOW), and what are you doing, watch your own mouth in parliament again, look at what you are doing sir. This is what they are doing, now, not yesterday, not during the raid, but now after the raid, present day, do you really understand this. This is footage from Molly’s so called organization. (we did keep a copy)

We have the footage, non stop screaming at police officers who politely listened to this tiraid by an angry aboriginal. It is too embarrassing to post the footage.

Seriously we now have photos of 4 high powered rifles and all these photos were taken on or near the CGL pipeline, at or near the camps of these radical protesters, and we nor anyone else knows the exact total that were out there, nor do you Taylor Bachrach, what if there was say 50 rifles out there? Could you assure RCMP that they were all safely locked and no where near the locations of the RCMP raid? Yet intentionally you make it sound like the RCMP came with military fire power on a poor bunch of unarmed peaceful demonstrators, you coward! Instead of standing and leading the way for the RCMP you hide on the safety of your couch and point fingers at the RCMP for doing a job well done. You should have praised them for the incredible restraint they displayed, even from the protesters own video footage!

So true, there were quite a few guns out there, none of us other that the RCMP and the protest camps know exactly how many.

I keep hearing these poor unarmed aboriginal victims, but I sure am not hearing much from the same press about shitting and pissing into Jerry cans, workers gear and equipment, or sabotage running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. No just poor pitiful peaceful demonstrators.

As one man put it correctly, these guys are absolutely disgusting and they sure know how to play the media like a fine tuned violin.

Below is a picture of poor innocent Shay Lynn Sampson, then poor innocent Cody Merriman. Note all three were carrying individual firearms, so one each for a total of 3 rifles.

Tła̱lita̱’las Karissa Glendale ( Forest Relations Coordinator from the Sierra Club) non local Haida and Kwakiutl mix) born in Victoria BC   learning how to shoot with Molly and Cody at the drill pad site. Where were these guns during the raid? That sir is part of the organization you belong to Taylor.


Cody Merriman (mostly white with some Haida blood in him) with a rifle that can shoot targets from long long way off. Where were these guns during the raid?


Taylor Bachrach put a knife in the backs of the very people he and his family depend on for their own security, and then made all of us living here, look like we all support this band of hoodlums. He is part and party to the misconception that the Wet’suwet’en people actually support these hoodlums. Not only did you put a knife the backs of the RCMP but to every citizen of the entire Bulkley Valley, both aboriginal and non aboriginal.

What you did is serious enough that they should serve you an eviction notice to get off of their territory, for failing to support the majority of the Wet’suwet’en  Nation.

Taylor you insult the majority of First Nations in order to grandstand in the spotlight behind a few of them.

Taylor you live here, you knows what the real truth is, what you did Taylor is an abuse of power that we the people invested in you.

You know the people here, well you should by now after coming here as a puppet for the Sierra Club, if only we knew back then what we know about you now.

You knew what was going on in those road blocks, you knew they were packing hunting riffles in those camps, they bragged about them often on social media, then hinted that they were experts at using them. Then come the Mohawks and all the bragging about how they put the run on the RCMP

Where was this firearm during the RCMP raid?

So maybe you come across as a defender of humans in Timbuktu, Communist China, and maybe even Stockholm, Sweden where they had out awards, for people like you who deceive the gullible uninformed, but here in the Bulkley Valley we see you more as a rooster trying to get some limelight at expense of our RCMP. And Taylor if you spent some time looking at the footage, the RCMP should have been praised and commended at how they stood by smiling and allowed the agitators, a tiny group within both the Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en population to speak their minds.

Stop for a minute Taylor, review the footage, you owe Canada and most of all the people of your riding an apology, but not before you apologize to the police and commend them on the incredible restraint they showed knowing full well it was reasonable to expect a bullet to fly anywhere at anytime. Seriously Nathan you think its perfectly OK for protesters to flash guns in social media, then make the claim we are peaceful protesters?

But you already knew that, this was so you could grab the stage, grab a spotlight, regardless of who you were going to trash under the bus.

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  1. Thanks for shining a light of truth on these grifters. It’s interesting how the MSM refuses to acknowledge the full story. It’s past actual incompetance. They are purposely pushing a narrative for their own nefarious purposes. It would be interesting to see whose strings are being pulled and by whom.

  2. I phoned Taylor’s office and pretty much said the same thing , that he should have commended the RCMP for a job well done , no one got hurt. Taylor is completely out of touch with his constituents.

  3. These land protectors are pawns of the Office of the Wet’suwet’en for money they have no right to. The protesters are probably also using the simple mentality of the hereditary chiefs to their advantage in my option lol I’ve sat on boards with the Hereditary Chiefs and people are polite but they contribute absolutely nothing intelligently to the conversation. It’s actually embarrassing. Chief Madeek for example is very simple and does not at all comprehend the most basic concepts. His years on so many boards is very concerning as he’s there for lunch and a stipend. No effort to learn or do what the chair he sits on is required of.
    From their own mouths: “We’re here to evict Nathan Cullen, the representative of the Stikine region from Gitxsan territory because he failed to stand up for the poor people… Everybody is getting rich from our land and we remain poor,” said a Gitxsan chief from outside Cullen’s Hazelton office.”

  4. I see and hear so many people in the valley who support Taylor. It’s absolutely insane to me! I don’t know how they can’t see past his glad handing and total BS. He is NOT for the people. He’s there to do the easy things and “look good” and be a total puppet.

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