Memory Lane – Like peas in a pod.

Memory Lane – Two peas in a pod – connecting the dots

In the picture above is Violet Gellenbeck standing beside Chief Kloum Khun (Alphonse Gagnon)  as the officiating matriarch that condemned three female Hereditary Chiefs and were subsequently stripped of their titles.

Sometimes history can teach us a lot, about the players in a game, and how back scratching  you-owe-me’s destroys a nation by way of internal corruption.

Let us look at connections about people and issues that might become more obvious when you see how one person connects to another.

In the case of this pod we see a number of connections, notice Freda Huson is here, now at that time she was sharing the same bed as a man (her common law husband) who just coincidentally took over the Chiefs name of Smogelgem who by coincidence just happened to be the nephew of Chief Kloum Khun (Alphonse Gagnon) whom just happens to be married to Lucy Gagnon, is also by coincidence also the older brother of Adam Gagnon whom was on the receiving end of so much funding from the Witset Band Office for many years. Just look at his castle above a place they call Idiot Rock. Is that evidence? Maybe not but it is symptomatic of a story that still has to be told.


The most expensive and valuable piece of real estate in Witset (Moricetown) belongs to Adam Gagnon

Then look at this video that just by coincidence features mostly the Gagnon and Bazil family clans. But don’t lose sight of our main connection, that between Violet and John Ridsdale.

THE PLOT: In order for the Gagnon’s to take over the entire real estate of the Sun House, they need to pull some really heavy handed stunts, the dollar value of any house might be in the billions of dollars depending on how much the settlements end up as. Imagine what you could extort out of industry, like CGL or mining or logging. millions and millions of dollars all funnelled into those who back a chief as opposed to going to the entire clan or nation. Also read Parrot Lakes Recreation Site – No Free Prior and Informed Consent and look at the birth linage charts, there is no way someone from the Owl House is allowed to take ownership of the Sun House territory. Warner Naziel is a sub chief to Chief Kloum Khun (Alphonse Gagnon) there is no way he can jump to another house and take it over, as obviously they did.

The next video you can flip fast forward on most of it, its here only to prove just one more collaboration between the two families Gagnon’s and Bazils. Don’t let the married names of the Bazil sisters and brothers fool you, there is about 6 or 7 of them in this video, Mel Bazil then the sisters, Charlotte, Sanda, Betty Ann, Delores, Marlene and Violet, the same could be said for the Gagnon Family.

Recall this story Viral video causes uproar in the Bulkley Valley

“A man caught on video that is taking social media by storm has been suspended from fishing in Moricetown Canyon.

The man whose name has not been released was seen clubbing salmon and then throwing them back into the water.

When the Wet’suwet’en nation became aware of the situation they talked to the individual with Chief Na’Moks, the Morricetown chief as well as the fisheries personnel.

Chief Na’Moks said the nation decided to suspend him from the Moricetown Canyon.

“We came up with the idea to keep him out of the canon because number one to teach him a lesson so, he never forgets and never does it again and also the fact that he needs to learn respect for all animals”, said Chief Na’Moks, who added this situation is a rare occurrence.

“We do respect our salmon of all species and the reason why we are here is because of our salmon and just the fact that we dealt with it internally ourselves, the traditional way which, involves the chiefs,” said Chief Na’Moks.”

This video went viral.

Never mind the fact these fish ladders were put in to save the fish, not kill them. This happened in Aug 2019, now compare that to the other video (June 2016) below and ask who owes whom a back scratching?

OK as long as no names are involved, everything looks above board, now add in the name John Ridsdale and his chiefs name of Na’Moks, then add in the name Gordon Gellenbeck, son of Violet Gellenbeck. How many of you know about the punishment handed out to Gordon, we know he was not charged under the Fisheries Act, even with all this evidence floating to the surface. According to John Ridsdale banning him from the canyon is enough, job done, nothing to see here folks, time to move on.

OK now add in this story, I do not want to distract from the story I am telling you now, but you hear Chief Kloum Khun (Alphonse Gagnon) speaking, seriously replay what Alponse says about dealing directly with CGL keeping in mind that is exactly what his own wife is doing. He says  “Is not sactioned by the Chiefs” so what his wife is doing is sanctioned by the Chiefs? Alphonse Gagnon’s wife works as Executive Director for Witset First Nation, Lucy Gagnon said the band is partnered with companies Kyah Resources to create jobs for the project. That is a contract between  Kyah Resources  and CGL that Lucy manages. The community received $1.5 million to sign onto the project and an additional $1.5 million after it started.

The same video shows the first thing they did after the meeting was head up to the Unist’ot’en Camp to support Freda and her blockades. And YES, this is the same Freda Huson now in Stockholm, Sweden  one of the recipients of this year’s Right Livelihood Award. It comes with a cash prize of 1 million SEK (around 100,000 EUR or 115,000 USD) and long-term support to highlight and expand Laureates’ work.

Next lets go back in time look at what Warner Naziel said to the Globe and Mail. Feb 26, 2019

“Mr. Naziel said Ms. George crossed the line when she aligned her herself with Coastal GasLink. “After we realized that she was representing herself to government and industry, including Coastal Gaslink, as both having the authority of a head chief and also the backing of the clan, our clan held a feast and formally rescinded the name Smogelgem,” said Mr. Naziel, who laid claim to the title in 2016. “All of the hereditary chiefs of my clan, including me, witnessed this and spoke.”

The event is on the second half of the video we posted below. So how was it possible for him to attend that meeting the led to the women being stripped already wearing the Smogelgem blanket? Warner Naziel is referring to at the 7:15 mark of the video, the meeting on June 30th in Moricetown (now Witset)

Take special notice at the 0:49 second mark of that video. (screenshot below)Warner Naziel entered that meeting held by the Wet’suwet’en Matrilineal Coalition (WMC) wearing the Sunhouse Smogelgem blanket. So if you think this was not a premeditated theft of title, its time you look at history once more.

So its OK for Chief Kloum Khun, Alphonse Gagnon’s wife to work with CGL and the hideous shooting neighbours dogs  by John Ridsdale is perfectly ok.

Prosecutor Kristina King said the Crown might normally have asked for a jail term because the circumstances were “so serious,” but mitigating factors justified the three-year suspended sentence instead.”

But women dealing directly with CGL requries the loss of Hereditary Title? Or is it blatant in the face robbery of those titles?

Even though these women carry exactly the same authority of John Ridsdale and the other male chiefs. It does beg the question was the transfer of titles even legal under Wet’suwet’en Law?

Definitely there is no legal grounds under Canadian Law begging the question of what the hell is wrong with our government, both federal and provincial?

below is a copy of their explanation.

Its becoming increasingly difficult for the Office of Wet’suwet’en to claim they have any credibility at all when everything reeks of corruption and dirty underhanded politics and land grabs.

Oh but were not done yet, let me remind you of another story, Wet’suwet’en Land Claims Overlap.  Let me take some quotes from that story.

Part of the problem was created at the advice of Don Ryan (in my opinion bad advice) as follows.

“The issues for us on the treaty table are a competing claim.

You have people on the treaty table discussing these issues, and Carrier Sekanie is claiming the same thing in Prince George.

The band councils are doing different things.

We must sit and talk to them and bring everyone together. There will be tension on these fronts. You have a situation where pipelines and competing claims must be sorted out.

The treaty process is not the right path for us.

This process takes your title away from you. We need to be aggressive as to what we can do on the land. I can quickly take you through the treaty process. They have a formula and figure how much they will offer you in cash. Our neighbors in the Nass signed a treaty, speak to them and they will tell you the same story. $750,000 per person is what they will offer you. When they give you that money, you will not own the land.

They will also offer you land and that will be around Moricetown. They also have a formula, one section of land. They are still trying to get you off the land. I’m interested in discussing the options with you.” Don Ryan 2009

 In a nutshell the advise was go to war, use confrontation to take what might not belong to you if you negotiate. These blockades were avoidable, however the Office of Wet’suwet’en made the premeditated choice of choosing confrontation, meaning blockades and street riots and protests across Canada.

For the sake of clarity we are attaching the Matrilineal  lineage of Alphonse and Warner Naziel, showing its not possible for Warner to jump clan titles.

Note the above was submitted to the Supreme Court of Canada during the Delgamuukw land claims trial. We edited out the birth dates for privacy concerns. (click to enlarge)




From a previous story we have even more conclusive evidence that Warner Naziel is not eligible to take a Sun House title we add the following from the testimony given during the Delgamuukw trial,  screenshot given from testimony regarding this very issue.


It is only given after the Hereditary chief is dead,  and it must be a person from the same house, and Warner Naziel is from the Owl House as the birth records above show. Smogelgem is from the Sun House, Warner is NOT eligible period, he is a fraud.



To set the record straight we need to READ THE RULES

Below is a copy of Wet’suwet’en law, as presented to the the Supreme Court of Canada in
Delgamuukw v British Columbia, [1997] 3 SCR 1010, also known as Delgamuukw v The Queen.




A solid rule that is being broken by the Wet’suwet’en Five, also from the submission to the the Supreme Court of Canada in Delgamuukw v British Columbia.

There are only 13 Hereditary Chiefs or House Chiefs, 13 Sub chiefs, as they are the ones chosen to sit in front of the Herditary Chief, they will be the future Hereditary Chiefs (contrary to what the Office has posted on their website) then come Wing Chiefs, they are not hereditary chiefs, then there are “name chiefs” we will cover that in Part 2.

“It is by no accident that the rule says “from uncle to aunt, meaning sideways in a family following matrilineal rule” or “nephew or niece” “but not from father to son”

Jumping houses inside a clan puts the linage in a different family.

Repeatedly in recent history, in the last few years, this breaking with Wet’suwet’en law is being used to manipulate control over clans.

This is the area of primary confusion, not just among the Wet’suwet’en, but even the present 8 hereditary chiefs seem confused about the rules, its obvious when they allow this breach of laws to happen without intervention. The problems stems from a misunderstanding of the meaning of clans within clans, we will cover this in greater detail in Part 2. Backing this up with historical references.

It could be a consequence of lost in translation.

Before I go on, again this points to the negligence of the Office of Wet’suwet’en, who have had the opportunity to hire people to hammer out all the rules and protocols, and here we are over 22 years later and they are still at the starting stages of defining Wet’suwet’en law. If they would have assigned a team to put in writing the rules that are already written in Delgamuukw history, could already be a solid basis for Wet’suwet’en law.





These rules were submitted into evidence, so they must be used by the Wet’suwet’en Five, regardless of their ambitions to do otherwise. Read carefully, let me repeat!

Feast Names are passed on from “family” clan member to “family” clan member, not to someone in another house inside the clan.” They stay in the house, read how they are passed on, they are not passed from house to house, they stay in a family by way of matrilineal decent.

In this instance the Wolf and Bear Clan, has clans within it broken down by family houses also referred to as clans or houses. (gathered from historical studies provided to the the Supreme Court of Canada in Delgamuukw v British Columbia)

This is exactly why its so important to track your family lineage as opposed to just being a member of a clan group. Tracking lineage show you who is eligible to become a hereditary chief in a family, and being matrilineal in a world that thinks paternal complicated things a lot. For example in matrilineal if you have all sons, you cannot pass on family title.

This is now NOT being done, we are seeing not only house to house jumping but now also clan to clan.


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  1. Wow, brilliant investigative journalism on your part, it does beg the question of does the environmentalist movement lead the mainstream media around by the nose, or is investigative journalism dead today? Obviously all the facts you brought forward have been around for many years.

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