Adam Gagnon – Blockader Profile

Adam Gagnon – Blockader Profile

Let me start with a quote from Globe and Mail, because if it applies to his brother and nephew it will also apply to Adam as they are all descendants of Annie Tommy and Louie Gagnon. They are Gitxsan pretending to be Wet’suwet’en. Adam is not Likhts’amisyu (Fireweed) Clan there is no Gitxsan Likhts’amisyu Clan.

“Mr. Naziel further says that lineage bars three of the five men from assuming the leadership roles they hold on behalf of the Wet’suwet’en.” “We are a matrilineal system. We inherit our lineage from our mothers. Alphonse Gagnon, Warner Naziel and Frank Alec are not from the Wet’suwet’en nation. [Mr. Gagnon] and [Mr. Naziel] are Gitxsan. [Mr. Alec] is from the Lake Babine Nation.”

The above quote explains the words of the now famous Henry Alfred who said ““Alphonse is not the chief of Owl house as he is holding a Sun house name as is Adam : They were told by hereditary chief Henry Alfred that they were merely holding those names until Gloria’s family are ready to take those names”  Explainer: The chiefs name “Kloum Khun” is not an traditional Owl house name it was borrowed from the Sun House.

It could also explain his obsession of surrounding himself with Gitxsan, because he is hiding that he is one of them, it also explains why he kept saying this would be put forward to a Gitxsan court to decide the fate of CGL


Adam Gagnon illegally commandeering equipment.

Taking the law into his own hand Adam Gagnon thinks he is above the law or is the law unto himself, you watch, where he proudly incriminates himself. Adam has a history of breaking the law so he should feel at home in this case. Adam Gagnon likes to hide his french Canadian background by using the chiefs name Dsta’hyl.

So what gives Adam any rights at all on land that belongs to the Sun House? The Sun House hotly opposes the actions of Adam Gagnon and his goon squad. See Parrot Lakes Recreation Site – No Free Prior and Informed Consent

Proof Adam is from the Owl House and not the Sun House (note we whited out the birth dates) This was submitted as evidence in the Delgamuukw land claims trial. This is also evidence that Warner Naziel is a wing chief of the Owl House and cannot possibly be the Hereditary Chief of the Sun House.
Mable Forsythe is the mother of Lucy Gagnon who is married to Alphonse Gagnon who has a brother named Adam Gagnon and a sister name Jane Tommy who has a son name Warner Naziel. Then in a not so legitimate adoption, Mable Forsythe adopted Molly Wickham who is the sister of Jennifer Wickham.


I did however find Adam Gagnon’s reference to Dr. Hooks “Medicine Show” both amusing and accurate, especially the “we take all kinds of pills to give us all kinds of thrills, but the thrill we have never known, is the thrill that will get you”, when you steal the Sun House’s blanket and land, and claim it as your own…….

“Let’s get the Medicine Show on the road….”

In a recent video production narrated by Adam Gagnon, Adam makes a lot of claims about property out at the Parrot Lakes that need for the record to be addressed to separate fact from fiction. The following video was done in the September 2019 and to this date zero progress zero bites on a climate research centre, it was all just hot air as was most of his speech. Its so hilarious to hear him say “respected chiefs name” as if using a “borrowed temporary name” gives him credibility, he has by his actions disrespected the name he is borrowing. More disturbing is how he justifies criminal actions on the grounds of what First Nations (and not himself) endured in another time and generation.

Keep in mind Adam is from OWL house and this is all occurring on SUN house territory. ZERO archaeological assessments, and digging anywhere with backhoes and bobcats ripping up the forest floor and doing whatever he pleases on what was a pubic fishing site, a forestry park in complete disregard of the law. His original intention was to build on the pipeline path but that would have placed him too far from the lake. Here he is inviting non aboriginals from anywhere to live on land that is not even his own, then begging for more GoFundMe funding.

Let’s begin with a little history lesson. Adam Gagnon is the son of a (immigrant or settler) from Quebec. Adam’s mother is aboriginal and Gitxsan according to Gary Naziel, this is how Adam acquired some aboriginal DNA. His mother Annie Tommy had children in a previous relationship that now make up the older half brothers and sisters of Adam.

Louie Gagnon (Adam’s dad) was as I said, a white man or settler or as these radicals put it his dad was colonialist.

Back in the 70’s Adam himself came across as a proud colonialist who was very proud of his French Canadian heritage. Adam was fortunate enough to get to travel back to Quebec to meet all his (colonialist) family during his teen years. A trip that must have left a big mark in his life as it was one he loved to share with the kids he grew up with.

He grew up in the colonialists, white man’s town of Houston, then in the late 70’s Adam’s parents moved to Smithers. So for all intensive background experience, Adam grew up as “white colonialist” like rest of the local residents did.

But we all know there is no magical inheritance in being born a Canadian, but all Canadians appear to owe aboriginals big time, its like a lotto jackpot waiting to be cashed in, called land claims. Its a DNA jackpot waiting to be cashed in. No need to get a job, just wait for the cash in day to start celebrations. No laughing matter is some think this to be the gospel truth, so they sit, rant and wait.

if all of what Adam claims is true, where are the archaeological assessments they made prior to digging and ripping up the ground with his bobcat, followed by a scene of a gas guzzling boat. With all of the screaming going on by these professional hooligans, you would think they could practice what the preach, but is anyone surprised that the law always applies to others and never to themselves? They are all gas sucking addicted oil using hypocrites.

What about their lament about ending our dependence on oil and gas, yep most of the protestors where there for the demolition derby in Telkwa, like nothing was wrong, yep they also show up for the mud bog races in both Houston and Witest, and have all of the expensive toys like quads, snowmobiles, cars pickups, generators, power saws, all consuming gas, but want the rest of us to throw away our keys. They are not opposed to themselves using OIL and Gas, they are opposed to Canadians using OIL and Gas.

Then to top it off Adam uses some of his wealth to own an impressive car collection, that all run on oil and gas.

Adam fails to explain how so many Wet’suwet’en, Carrier Sekani, Babine, Burns Lake, Decker Lake, Cheslatta Carrier Nation, literally hundreds if not thousands of families did not move onto reserves, even his own mother spent very little time ever living on a reserve. It was only in his adult years when the benefits of aboriginal funding, by having relatives working in the right places did Adam move onto the reserve himself.

Then flaunting his success (was it really?) you cannot miss his mansion on top of “Idiot Rock.” Now considering this Witset is the property of the “Little Frog Clan” “Laksilyu” makes one wonder how someone from another clan acquired that prime piece of real estate?

The place looks like something a Hollywood actor owns, maybe he has aspirations?

Below witness how violent and  rude Adam Gagnon can be, even knowingly making a video of the event, along side him he brings his non Wet’suwet’en guests, is that because he has no local support? Note he was with Sabina Dennis, not even a member of the Wet’suwet’en Nation, she is from the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation (Fort George in Prince George) and the person on video was likely also on our list of blockaders under media. All of his rantings and it turns out he is Gitxsan.

This jackass is making veiled threats about  killing trespassers, in a direct attempt to intimidate the representatives from CGL, that was then, now he has already been charged with commandeering equipment, and vandalizing 10 pieces of heavy expensive machinery.

You hear so much bullshit about pristine wilderness, just look at google maps of this area. There is no reason whatever to believe that in any way shape or form the river is actually being threatened. If working on the land was such a big threat, then why is there so much silence on the issue that Alphonse Gagnon (Chief Kloum Khun) Adam Gagnon (wing chief) Warner William (Chief Knedebeas) and Fred Tom (Chief Gisday’wa) all made their living and fortunes logging the Morice River watershed.

Watch this next video narrated by Adam Gagnon. Staggering to believe that they would blame Canadians for what these chiefs did. Telling lies has become their new trademark because the media never has the guts or brains to question what the claims they make, the bigger the lie the more amusing it is to watch the media retell it as truth.



Then this quote, “The plaintiff, Mr. Gagnon, resides in Moricetown, British Columbia. A lifelong resident of the area, he is a Wing Chief of the Fireweed Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. He is also an experienced carpenter, road builder, and logger. Mr. Gagnon was Acting General Manager of the defendant, Wet’suwet’en Enterprises Ltd (“WEL”) for the year 2000, and is a past president of WEL’s board of directors.” and this one “ In 2002, WEL negotiated the sale of 15,000 cubic meters of such logs to HFP with the intention to subcontract most of the various tasks required to deliver the finished logs to HFP (falling, bucking, loading, and transport). The season during which this was to be completed was set from August 1, 2002, to June 30, 2003. The areas to be logged were identified, the rate that HFP was to pay was specified, and a written agreement between WEL and HFP was completed on October 21, 2002.” Is part of a lawsuit where Adam sues the the Office of Wet’suwet’en and the company they own called “WET’SUWET’EN ENTERPRISES LTD” Read it in full here, you cannot make stuff like this up!

Today Adam, Alphonse and Warner all stand together as if this never happened.


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