Alphonse Gagnon – Blockader Profile

Alphonse Gagnon – Blockader Profile

First things first, why is Alphonse Gagnon listed as one of the Blockaders.

Blockades is by design, and not a consequence of industry or CGL, blockades is the “Ways and Means” an objective to steal lands from other First Nations and bypassing the system of negotiations.

Keep in mind these so called “land defenders” are all just pawns of Franklin Lopez The secret operative behind the internal war in the Wet’suwet’en family.

To fully understand the “how to” the implementation of this plan you need to first understand the background of this plan. A must read is Wet’suwet’en Land Claims Overlap. as it explains the problem that the Office of Wet’suwet’en aka the Wet’suwet’en Five have as the core of their problems.

In 2009 Don Ryan was invited to speak to the Office of Wet’suwet’en where he delivered the following advise on how to proceed with land claims. Feel free to prove me wrong.

He said the following, we will highlight the key points in dark red.

The issues for us on the treaty table are a competing claim. You have people on the treaty table discussing these issues, and Carrier Sekanie is claiming the same thing in Prince George.

The band councils are doing different things. We must sit and talk to them and bring everyone together. There will be tension on these fronts. You have a situation where pipelines and competing claims must be sorted out.

The treaty process is not the right path for us.

This process takes your title away from you. We need to be aggressive as to what we can do on the land. I can quickly take you through the treaty process. They have a formula and figure how much they will offer you in cash. Our neighbors in the Nass signed a treaty, speak to them and they will tell you the same story. $750,000 per person is what they will offer you. When they give you that money, you will not own the land.

They will also offer you land and that will be around Moricetown. They also have a formula, one section of land. They are still trying to get you off the land. I’m interested in discussing the options with you.” Don Ryan 2009

Then later on in 2009 the following.

Quote from the Globe and Mail

The Unist’ot’en camp has been endorsed by five prominent Wet’suwet’en house chiefs, part of a hereditary system of 13 house groups that fall under five clans. The five men (with their Indigenous title, followed by their house group and clan) are: John Ridsdale (Na’Moks) from Rafters on Beaver House under the Tsayu clan; Warner William (Knedebeas) from Dark House under the Gilseyhu clan; Jeff Brown (Madeek) from Where it Lies Blocking the Trail under the Gitdumden clan; Ron Mitchell (Hagwilnegh) from House of Many Eyes under the Laksilyu clan; and Warner Naziel (Smogelgem) from Sun House under the Laksamshu clan.

Note: Warner Naziel (is a fake Smogelgem) actually a wing chief under Alphonse Gagnon in the Owl House.


Morpheus: “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The more we dig the more we discover how deep this rabbit hole is, and how many legitimate Hereditary Chiefs are not legitimate at all.


“Mr. Naziel further says that lineage bars three of the five men from assuming the leadership roles they hold on behalf of the Wet’suwet’en.” “We are a matrilineal system. We inherit our lineage from our mothers. Alphonse Gagnon, Warner Naziel and Frank Alec are not from the Wet’suwet’en nation. [Mr. Gagnon] and [Mr. Naziel] are Gitxsan. [Mr. Alec] is from the Lake Babine Nation.”


You might ask why do we talk about Warner Naziel when this is supposed to be about Alphonse Gagnon, well simple let me quote from the Globe and Mail.  What he wrote here cuts to the heart of the problem, theft and lies being perpetuated by these Gang of Five Hereditary Chiefs. Once again the question of validity regarding title comes seriously into play yet again. It makes me seriously wonder when the governments of Canada and British Columbia commit millions and possibly billions into people who fraudulently hold titles, what the hell is going on?



Below are screenshots of the most significant evidence provided in this article in Globe and Mail, the link to that story is here to confirm its authenticity.

You see prior to the event in Houston, Warner Naziel was already, years before actually telling people he was the legitimate Smogelgem. In fact his second reason was that Gloria was stripped of her title for that meeting Gloria and two other Hereditary Chiefs organized, Warner made the mistake of attending that denunciation already wearing the Smogelgem blanket, both Warner and Freda went in to condemn Chief Smogelgem while Warner was already wearing a Sun House Smogelgem title blanket.

One interesting note is that despite his ever vocal opinions on what is going on, he has always kept himself safe from being arrested and allowed all those around him to take the fall so he could crow about how he verbally defends them all. One would think that he would at least get arrested once, just to prove that he is man enough to do what he expects of others.

Note “TITLE” in TWO Houses, sorry but there is no Wet’suwet’en rule that permits a member to do that.

Lets go back in time look at what Warner Naziel said to the Globe and Mail. Feb 26, 2019

“Mr. Naziel said Ms. George crossed the line when she aligned her herself with Coastal GasLink. “After we realized that she was representing herself to government and industry, including Coastal Gaslink, as both having the authority of a head chief and also the backing of the clan, our clan held a feast and formally rescinded the name Smogelgem,” said Mr. Naziel, who laid claim to the title in 2016. “All of the hereditary chiefs of my clan, including me, witnessed this and spoke.”

The event is on the second half of the video we posted below. So how was it possible for him to attend that meeting the led to the women being stripped already wearing the Smogelgem blanket? Warner Naziel is referring to at the 7:15 mark of the video, the meeting on June 30th in Moricetown (now Witset)

Take special notice at the 0:49 second mark of that video. (screenshot below)Warner Naziel entered that meeting held by the Wet’suwet’en Matrilineal Coalition (WMC) wearing the Sunhouse Smogelgem blanket. So if you think this was not a premeditated theft of title, its time you look at history once more.

So its OK for Chief Kloum Khun, Alphonse Gagnon’s wife to work with CGL and the hideous shooting neighbours dogs by John Ridsdale is perfectly ok.

Prosecutor Kristina King said the Crown might normally have asked for a jail term because the circumstances were “so serious,” but mitigating factors justified the three-year suspended sentence instead.”

But women dealing directly with CGL requries the loss of Hereditary Title? Or is it blatant in the face robbery of those titles?

Even though these women carry exactly the same authority of John Ridsdale and the other male chiefs. It does beg the question was the transfer of titles even legal under Wet’suwet’en Law?

Definitely there is no legal grounds under Canadian Law begging the question of what the hell is wrong with our government, both federal and provincial? Why are they negotiating with people who cannot even prove they legitimately have the titles they claim to have?

For the sake of clarity we are attaching the Matrilineal lineage of Alphonse and Warner Naziel, showing its not possible for Warner to jump clan titles.

Note the above was submitted to the Supreme Court of Canada during the Delgamuukw land claims trial. We edited out the birth dates for privacy concerns. (click to enlarge)



From a previous story we have even more conclusive evidence that Warner Naziel is not eligible to take a Sun House title we add the following from the testimony given during the Delgamuukw trial, screenshot given from testimony regarding this very issue.


It is only given after the Hereditary chief is dead, and it must be a person from the same house, and Warner Naziel is from the Owl House as the birth records above show. Smogelgem is from the Sun House, Warner is NOT eligible period, he is a fraud.


Becoming a Hereditary Chief


Before nonnative contact, a Wet’suwet’en heir began their journey to becoming a hereditary chief while still inside the mother’s womb. Elders, Shaman’s and Chiefs would often feel the womb of an expectant mother and determine if the baby was destined to be a future Chief or Shaman. From the time of birth the child would be groomed or tutored to be a wise, strong and responsible leader. The child would start off with the following succession of feast names:

Birth name
Baby name
Child’s name
Adolescent name
Adult name
Sub Chief name
Wing Chief
Head Chief name

Before a person received a high-ranking chief name, they would have to travel into the wilderness to live with the animals for an extended period of time. They would learn the ways of the animal world before returning to the community to assume a Chief name. When they returned, they would have to demonstrate what they have learned. This exercise exposed the prospected chief to the human world as well as the animal world. Thus ensuring he or she had the utmost respect for both.


Wow, that is a high standard right? But let us look at what they do vs what they say must be done.





Then I want to bring your attention to a book “Niwhts’ide’nı̈ hibi’it’ën – Ways of Our Ancestors” that the Office of Wet’suwet’en had published as an education tool for local schools. Once again they too admit there are normally four feasts held, now lets review all of the existing Hereditary Chiefs and see who among them followed the rules, and who did not. More specifically how many of them held legitimate feasts at all? Feast specifically held in the name of passing on the title?


Take the time to read what was said by those original hereditary chiefs that testified at the Delgamuukw trial, the truth is here, in their own words.


To establish what the rules really are let us review what was said in the Delgamuukw testimony entered by Mary Joseph on December 7, 1988 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. References see or see it below.




Page 22 line 21-24

All right. Now, when someone in a Wet’suwet’en house who has passed away, is the name given to the person in the house who makes the largest contribution at the feast?

When a person passes away, whoever contributes the most is considered as the successor.
All right. And does the name — if the person that contributed the most was in the same clan but in a different house, would they get the name?
It’s always when a person passes away; it’s always the person in the same house.








Mable Forsythe is the mother of Lucy Gagnon who is married to Alphonse Gagnon who has a brother named Adam Gagnon and a sister name Jane Tommy who has a son name Warner Naziel. Then in a not so legitimate adoption, Mable Forsythe adopted Molly Wickham who is the sister of Jennifer Wickham.

We could probably write a book on this guy, but we will try to stick to the highlights.

You hear so much bullshit about pristine wilderness, just look at google maps of this area. There is no reason whatever to believe that in any way shape or form the river is actually be threatened. If working on the land was such a big threat, then why is there so much silence on the issue that Alphonse Gagnon (Chief Kloum Khun) Adam Gagnon (wing chief) Warner William (Chief Knedebeas) and Fred Tom (Chief Gisday’wa) all made their living and fortunes logging the Morice River watershed.

Watch this next video narrated by Adam Gagnon. Staggering to believe that they would blame Canadians for what these chiefs did. Telling lies has become their new trademark because the media never has the guts or brains to question what the claims they make, the bigger the lie the more amusing it is to watch the media retell it as truth.



Then this quote, “The plaintiff, Mr. Gagnon, resides in Moricetown, British Columbia. A lifelong resident of the area, he is a Wing Chief of the Fireweed Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. He is also an experienced carpenter, road builder, and logger. Mr. Gagnon was Acting General Manager of the defendant, Wet’suwet’en Enterprises Ltd (“WEL”) for the year 2000, and is a past president of WEL’s board of directors.” and this one “ In 2002, WEL negotiated the sale of 15,000 cubic meters of such logs to HFP with the intention to subcontract most of the various tasks required to deliver the finished logs to HFP (falling, bucking, loading, and transport). The season during which this was to be completed was set from August 1, 2002, to June 30, 2003. The areas to be logged were identified, the rate that HFP was to pay was specified, and a written agreement between WEL and HFP was completed on October 21, 2002.” Is part of a lawsuit where Adam sues the the Office of Wet’suwet’en and the company they own called “WET’SUWET’EN ENTERPRISES LTD” Read it in full here, you cannot make stuff like this up!

Today Adam, Alphonse and Warner all stand together as if this never happened.


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