Michael Toledano – Blockader Profile

Michael Toledano – Blockader Profile

Michael Toledano in my own humble opinion is a name that is synonymous with the word con-artist, as I said its just my own view of this man considering all that I do know about him.

To justify my assessment I will have to provide you with a few or more than a few reasons how I came to that viewpoint. Michael Toledano has worked with “the man himself” Franklin Lopez who is the mastermind behind the term “Land Defenders” Read the first part of The people behind the CGL Blockade. Also read the profile page of Franklin Lopez as well as INVASION is a new PROPAGANDA film by an American activist Sam Vinal and Michael Toledano Then yet another film Yintah – a documentary film about the Wet’suwet’en Nation.  Only the last film they did not get the footage they were there to collect, due to getting arrested, so that film might never get off the ground. Those reads should already confirm that Michael Toledano is not there as a journalist at all but as a man engineering racial discord and anarchism.

Let us start with a recently published story on just how this “operative” not Journalist works.

So when you add the police video evidence, the truth comes out, that people inside, maybe even the voices of certain people are hurling insults at police for over and hour, without either Michael Toledano and Amber Bracken ever identifying themselves as reporters until the moment of their arrests.  Be sure you listen to that entire clip, its mind boggling how these con artists we able to dupe the nation and gullible politicians like Taylor Bachrach. Everything about this appears to be an intentional attempt to manufacture the claim of confrontation to cry press freedom is being violated. Also read Taylor Bachrach sandbags RCMP in Parliament

Next I want to take you back to when Michael Toledano was complaining about being called a fucking homo, by a workers however Michael Toledano did not share with his readers the response to that post. See the next two screenshots.

Now lets move on to yet another issue, and the response to that complaint. We also wrote an article about this same issue. Journalists or Promotional Agents?


For those of you who think there is freedom of press inside those camps read on. The following is copied verbatim from MyPGNow

A journalist is saying a member of the Wet’suwet’en has blocked her from interviews and comments following a pro-pipeline article.

Laurie Gail Hamelin, a reporter with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, has been reporting on the Unist’ot’en protest against Coastal Gas Link. Earlier this month a judged approved an injunction against them for blocking the Morice River Bridge. Other Wet’suwet’en clans have also stepped in to protest.

In a Facebook post, user Dini Ze Smogelgem (Adam Gagnon), Hereditary Chief of the Laksamshu Clan, one of the five clans of Wet’suwe’ten Nation, also known as Warner Naziel, posted a photo and circled Hamelin’s name, saying she had been banned from reporting on the standoff with CGL after she wrote an article quoting Helen Michelle, who claims to be a hereditary chief.

Its not hard to come to the conclusion that dropping the charges against these to phony people who duck behind the label of press are really just members of the same mob called Land Defenders



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