Anarchist Stool Bus – Can you smell it yet?

Anarchist Stool Bus – Can you smell it yet?

September 26th 2022



Sometimes I wonder just how embarrassing it is to be on Team Anarchists, there are always going to be some bloopers, but some are so funny they just have to be shared. I will keep it short, so you can focus on just how these people really think outside of a press conference.


Today’s Golden Turd Award to Jocey Alec (daughter of Hereditary Chief Woos (The stolen title) this one comes courtesy of the mouthpiece Brandi Morin. Keep in mind the drilling started today, and they are out front, cameras rolling, showing how emotionally ripped up they are about this drill going under the Morice. OR are they?

Both these screen captures are from today, both were captured in the afternoon.



Now lets see what Chief Woos was doing and saying today. (posted 49 minutes ago) and not one word about the drill.

"Now you know the rest of the story"
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