Attack on RCMP in Smithers.

Attack on RCMP in Smithers.

Police are particularly interested in obtaining any dash cam video from individuals traveling between Houston and Smithers and New Hazelton and Smithers between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am on October 26, 2022. See the official statement here.

If you have any information, dash cam footage, or were in the area of the Sunshine Inn, contact the Smithers RCMP at (250) 847-3233.

We are only re-posting what is already in the news, feel free to contact us if you have footage you wish to pass on to authorities if you do not wish to make direct contact.

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  1. Any word on who did it? Would not be surprised if it was linked to the attack in March as people know that anarchy has descended on the legal system and you now can do whatever you want with no consequences

  2. NO one in Smithers is going to say a word about this due to the likelihood of reprisals against themselves, their place of work or their business. Lived there a few years ago and anyone who went against Molly’s gang would have their tires slashed at best and physical beatdowns at worst, especially if they were in Witset. They make sure that their message is not blunted and anyone who says otherwise, pays the price. That is the new law that is being preached!

  3. Any idea where the blockades are happening tomorrow? The “Kill the Drill” movement?Also is there any word on charges being laid or has the present NDP government just told the RCMP to lay off pressing charges against these hard working terrorists because they will be giving the whole of Northern BC to various FN leaders in the next couple of years because they cant get more than a handful of seats up here and these areas have those nasty natural resources that they are trying to get rid of so we can all live in tents near BC Hydro heat pumps

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