Nathan Cullen’s second face showing disrespect towards yet another indigenous candidate

Nathan Cullen’s second face showing disrespect towards yet another indigenous candidate

Disrespect seems to come naturally for Nathan Cullen these days, at least when the cameras are turned off and the mikes are pointed the others way, when we hear this we have to wonder just how much contempt does Nathan have for our indigenous people? In this video Nathan thinks he is off camera, and is heard making very rude comments about a indigenous Liberal candidate in the electoral district of North Coast, currently held by the NDP candidate Jennifer Rice.  Nathan mocks Roy Jones Jr for the nickname Kinkles that was given by a Japanese lady from QCC when he was a kid. She told him it meant “golden boy”


This very hurtful comment is now being realized by close family members, a lesson in how brutal words with the intent to harm, can be.

Below is a clipping from the debate in Smithers that was posted by the Interior News on Facebook. The only decent thing Nathan should do now is apologize and resign, step out of politics, and Horgan likewise should be removing Nathan from the NDP and replacing him with Annita McPhee.

This from a man who just posted the following.

Followed by a reply from Darcy Repen who is also a candidate in the Stikine Riding.

The following comes from a new rising star Chris Sankey who is quickly becoming a well noticed aboriginal voice, if this man gets into politics, look out, he will be a voice to be reckoned with.

The following was found on LinkedIn

Chris Sankey
Chairman/President at Blackfish Group of Companies

Listen to Nathan Cullen. The person that everybody thinks has class and respect for Indigenous people. Listen as he belittles Roy Jones Jr. The Haida Liberal candidate for north coast riding. Cullen didn’t realize the Mic was on.

That was classless, Nathan. This clearly shows you’re all about division in our communities. I can imagine what you say about us with your non Indigenous friends when we are not present. Your actions, whether people see it or not, continue to hurt our families and communities. You have the uncanny ability to use the system against us by keeping us divided all the while pretending your the Indigenous friend.

I know Roy. He’s a good person. He wants what’s best for all people, especially his people. We all have differences in our communities, but for you, an outsider, a person who preaches that colonialism is killing our communities, but here you are, the very thing you claim to be against. And to make fun of one of our own when he’s not there to defend himself is low.

Our nation’s may have differences, but we stand up for each other no matter what. By the way its our people who give us our nicknames

I lost all respect for you

The ridiculing of the FN liberal candidate from Haida in @JenniferRice6 riding during the all candidates debate.

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  1. I can’t believe how many politicians, and media personalities continue to forget the cardinal rule about microphones, and cameras too for that matter, about always treating them as though they are live, and you are being recorded. It takes a special amount of hubris to behave like Nathan Cullen, or Jeff Toobin did, and figure that nobody will notice, or if they do they will stay silent.
    With regard to spouting off about “colonialism” I think Cullen, and the rest of the political left in this country have as much credibility as the Soviets, and now the Chicoms, have on that count. The Soviets used to go on, and on about “Imperialism” yet they were the largest colonizing power in the post war period, they may have claimed that they were aiding fellow comrades in arms, but in the end they all became Soviet vassal states, like Mongolia, who had to continually defer to Moscow.
    The Left in Canada seem to have this view that prior to European contact, natives resided in some sort of idyllic, collectivist utopias, and that now they are all victims, thanks to “colonialism” who should be permanent wards of the state. Is that not the definition, and reason d’etre of colonialism, white man’s burden, that only enlightened white men (like Cullen) can lead the savage into a new world? Rather condescending, and elitist for that matter. Then again maybe I’m reading to much into this and he’s just a jerk?

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