NDP follow the money – Cullen, Bachrach and Horgan

NDP follow the money – Cullen, Bachrach and Horgan

Clearly Anita McPhee was never a consideration for the well oiled insiders club of the NDP, if you ever wondered just how dirty things get inside of the Stikine and Skeena—Bulkley Valley Riding read on. First I want to say thanks to the person who did the homework and found out what goes on behind your back by people who claim they are there for you. Its all legal people, this is the guts of the well oiled machine, people buying and funding each other to the top. I am puzzled by the mainstream press, all of this information was available to them, but nobody seems to dare dig for the truth anymore.

This is a case of where the documents speak the loudest about a political group pork barreling the taxpayers to the hilt.


The financial records are a tell all chronology of the inner elite of the Stikine and Skeena/Bulkley Valley NDP

In brief, here’s the timeline;

  • 2006 – Bachrach donates nearly $500 to Cullen’s campaign. (How many twenty-somethings donate nearly $500 to elections campaigns?)
  • 2011- Bachrach moves to Smithers.
  • 2008 and 2011- Bachrach Communications is the single largest recipient (over $25,000) of payments from Cullen’s campaigns.
  • Somewhere during this time (I believe, closer to 2006) Bachrach’s wife (Michelle Larstone) is hired by Doug Donaldson as a constituency assistant.
  • 2017- Donaldson becomes Minister, Michelle Larstone is immediately hired in a full time position at FLNRO.
  • 2019- Bachrach is railroaded in past McPhee as the NDP candidate, Cullen works behind scenes to ensure his nomination, then actively campaigns for him. Bachrach is elected (large slide in NDP support) in October.
  • Nov. / Dec. 2019- Cullen resigns from his $180k/yr position, receives $89k severance. Says he wants time to spend with his family.
  • Jan 2020- Cullen appointed liaison, bills $250/hr, tries to bill extra $50/day for home office, expenses out meals at every fancy restaurant and coffee joint in the Bulkley Valley. BC Government website shows contract capped at $25k max.
  • Feb- Aug 2020- Cullen bills over $100k in consulting fees and expenses. $2000/day or $250/hr.
  • Sept. 1 2020- After failure to resolve conflict as liaison, Cullen registers as lobbyist for pharmaceutical company Symvivo Corporation. (Private lobbyist to the same government which employs / employed him!?!) No two year ‘cooling off period’, obviously.
  • Sept. 2020- Cullen declared himself candidate for NDP. NDP railroads him past McPhee (again). McPhee requests him to stand down. NDP make various and changing excuses for her candidacy being invalid. McPhee threatens legal action.


Cullen personal contributions 2006  *This is the declared list of contributions made to Nathan Cullen in 2006
Now when i think of the stock market, my mind would go to returns on the dollar, well it gets much better for some who donate in politics (with your tax dollars) Look at the Taylor Bachrach contributions. Then look at all of the familiar names and note who gets attention when those names hit the press by Nathan.



Cullen Expenses 2008  *Money paid out by Nathan Cullen in 2008 (Election expenses)

Let us not forget election expenses are in a round about way 100% paid for by taxpayers, as donations circulate into tax deductions meaning money coming out of the countries tax revenue.
Remember Shelley Browne? Her legal name was Shelley Hawrelak and she ran as a Smithers town counsillor in the 2014 civic election. Not only was she a counsillor for Smithers she was also constituency assistant for Nathan Cullen. Look at the payouts to her in the above document. Next look at the name Françoise Godet who was Nathan’s Constituency Assistant in Ottawa. Next look at BACHRACH COMMUNICATION owned by Taylor Bachrach, looks like he almost received 10 Thousand dollars out of the election expenses of Nathan Cullen. Prince Rupert Daily News received almost 3000 dollars. Open the file above and have a look for yourself how election funds were disbursed by Nathan Cullen.


Cullen expenses 2011  *Money paid out by Nathan Cullen in 2011 (Election expenses)
Now look at how Cullen once again rewards Taylor Backrack out of election expenses.

There are quite a few eye opening names on that list aside from Taylor Backrack, you can really play the game of mix and match, matching names of people who got fat cheques with that of those who donated funds to Cullen. Names like Shelly Browne, Benilde Gomes, Francoise Godet, and recall the guy who tried to shut down CGL Mike Sawyer and Carmen Nical, the white elder at the police raid on the Morice River Road. I am sure other people will know connections with other names on that list.


Next is the collaboration with Horgan, here is a list of invoices in regards to Cullen’s gravy train contract. Be sure to scroll down with the arrow key to read all 14 pages. look at the dining out folks, the jackpot lottery of dining out in Smithers. Wine dine and a prepaid election win on a golden platter. This is where your tax dollars are going people.

This is not donated money, this is your hard earned taxes.

Cullen Invoices OOP-2020-04697


The following is a bill from Nathan to your wallet (BC Government)

Response - Records - IRR-2020-04698

Here is a copy of the contract between Nathan and Horgan.

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  1. Odd to see 2011 expenses paid to some of his opponents in the election: CHP Party, Rod Taylor (CHP candidate) and the Liberal Party. I’m sure there is a reason for it, but it would be interesting to know the background behind it.

    • Read it closely, they include the expenses of all candidates, there is a code number that separates who the expenses belong to, Cullen’s start with the number 21788

  2. Does anyone know what Nathan’s background/education is that would warrant a $250/hour or $2000/day pay rate? If his involvement leads to a resolution of ‘anything’ perhaps he is worth that – does anyone know if there are any ‘successes’ in his past that would lead me to think this is a reasonable rate of pay?
    As a hard working tax paying average Canadian I would like to know that. Regardless, he won’t get my vote as he and the party broke their own rules by not having the proper candidate for this riding. Time to change your ‘policies’ if you only follow them when it suits you NDP!

    • The only thing that qualifies him is that he is a fellow “dipper” , it looks like he just invented a limited company, a letterhead, and was granted a no bid contract. This is Rich Coleman, and Judith Reid grade sleaze, and reminds me of the Sponsorship scam in Quebec, where the federal Libranos were awarding contracts, ostensibly to promote national unity, but half the contractors did next to nothing, and coincidentally donated part of the proceeds back to the Librano party.

    • Rumor has it from friends I have in Smithers was that he was basically bumming around town and house sitting for people.

      Any bio on him that I read is pretty thin and certainly tries to stretch and fill in the obvious gaps with extrapolation and exaggeration.

      It certainly looked extremely weak when situated next to Anita McPhee’s.

  3. This is why I straighten people out who think that the B.C Libranos are the only ones who engage in this sort of sleaze. I also don’t believe that the Green party is really an antidote to this since then enabled Horgan, and the NDP machine, to get into power in the first place. I am thoroughly frustrated in my own riding as I have been deprived of voting for any other candidate outside of the globalist “Swamp Three”, not even an independent, nor a Marxist Leninist to vote for it seems, so I may be forced to spoil my ballot for the first time. I suspect a poor voter turnout in my riding, at least the one North of mine has a B.C Conservative, and the one south of mine an independent, and a Libertarian.

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