Roadblock Idiots – Or is it us that are idiots?

Stellat'en First Nations squatter on Wet’suwet’en land

It’s been a while since I have written; mostly like everyone else I have been entertained by both a BC Election and the American election. I bore quite quickly from the entire BS, lies and promises from people trying to qualify for those lucrative pay checks that come with the job.

So I was reflecting on what matters most, local affairs.

On that topic it sure makes one wonder who are the fools, when people like Warner Naziel  flog the message “Shut Down Canada” and “Defund the Police” unless mother is in hospital, then say “hospitals are racist” and then both demand and expect first class or better treatment.

Warner Naziel showing his contempt for the authority of Canada’s goverment.

 Seriously if I was working there I would be tempted to spit in your food, just to level the playing field.

Looking back I recall Freda Huson complaining about her health and that defending her land was more important than getting healthcare. Oh but has she ever admitted she expects first class healthcare when she needs it, and reserves the right to call all the workers’ racist bastards once she is in the safe zone with her health.

Oh my thoughts drift to the tragic ending when we lost an elder mushroom picking, only to watch comments by these protestors showing how much concern they had, or pity they had for the families suffering. We all cared, that part is good, and however a total absence on how so many “white colonialists” took part in the search. Its ok to hate white people until you need them, then claim it was a debt owed to them (blockaders) with a claim to aboriginal blood.

Oh the family was thankful,  friends were thankful, but the condemnation by protestors against the very same people who stepped forward, RCMP included continued by people like Molly, who by the way is a Stellat’en First Nations member squatting on unceded Wet’suwet’en land.

Or as most Wet’suwet’en people call it, the Bulkley Valley residents land that we all share, and care for.

Next my mind goes to Northern Health, who funded Dr. Karla Tait “the institution recently received a $400,000 grant from the First Nations Health Authority” was the money paid out? Was it returned, did anyone out there get answers to these questions?

Then let us not forget Molly and Cody, who live off the land, this includes McDonalds and Jerry’s and Safeway, and let’s not forget how they trek back and forth on snowshoes, yeah right, with a Winchester shooting cow moose trapped in deep snow, using traditional pallets to build Mollyville on the Morice River Forest Service Road. And remember all their trucks, power saws, quads and snowmobiles run on fresh river water.

And it makes me wonder how a man who is far more white man than his 3/4 white wife and hails from Victoria with a tiny root in Masset, shoots wildlife out of season to provide for a woman that has two of his kids, but finds its not enough reason to get married, even though the people of the land (Wet’suwet’en) have a very high regard for the institution of marriage. Refer to the book called “Eagle Down is our Law” the same one they like to quote to everyone.

Oh yes, how can we forget the solar panels on the roof in Freda’s camp, we have been using these since time immemorial. And that big 500 gallon propane tank out back, we fart into that tank and use the methane gas to do our cooking. God forbid we would never use gas or oil, and don’t forget to Gofundme before you turn off your tablet or cellphone, made from high grad hemp.

Oh yes, let’s not forget the degenerates who without the authority granted by the Gitksan Watershed Authorities or by the Gitksan Government Commission, just a bunch of hoodlums shutting down highway 16.

Why does this stuff happen, well in a nutshell its all about baiting a gullible press.

In summery, none of these protestors could or would life for a day without all the gadgets, electronics, snowmobiles, trucks and cars that are derivatives of the OIL industry, they only lust for the benefits without the labor everyone else must put in. How could they online conference, GodFundMe, or stay in touch, as one lady crudely said,

“My ass they want to live traditional, they just want  material things and get it on my dime”.

if not why does it look like a pig stye wherever they are living on crown land?

Last but not least comes the question, was John Ridsdale dethroned?  aka (Chief Namoks)  We have been hearing rumours, does anyone know the origins of this rumour?

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  1. Nothing traditional there. Even the trapping is done with the conibear trap invented by a white man in the 50s . Want a good laugh look at their website for items requested. Meat fish and fresh produce. Like really. Fish in the river meat everywhere (not like they go by any regulations anyways) and grab a shovel and plant a garden. But never a word said about anyone bieng heeled. They post it as a work camp not a healing centre. I almost called the FNHA about the 400,000 dollars but was scared to find out the answer.

  2. Me again. One thing that bugged since the enforcement last winter was how global showed it. If you watch the vid they show the mean equipment opening up the road destroying villages mowing over people. Ok not really but how portrayed lol. But if you look at the equipment there global keeps camera angle below company name. And what is it? Guess what Kyah which is what? A Wetsuweten company, read the stickers and big letters to. So like toss your arms up and say like Wtf. Where is the sanity. As allways just me mad lol. Thanks

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