I remember why I left British Columbia by Wun Feather

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Oct 27th 2020

When the residents of BC fought their way to the front of the line to vote for an NDP majority, I remember why I left that province.

I was born in Terrace, and lived in the North West most of my early years before being in business in the central interior.
Having a physics and chemistry background, I became a technical sales person, an economic and business development strategist for welding and safety supplies.
The key to my success in that industry was having a background knowledge of all the product lines, the new technologies, and most of all, my genuine interest in what tradespeople needed in order to be successful.
I never, ever SOLD anyone anything that they regretted buying.
I was based out of Prince George for many years, and because my territory include the entire province, I would travel west to Prince Rupert and Stewart / Hyder Alaska on one week, and then North through Chetwynd, Fort St John and Fort Nelson including Mackenzie and Tumbler Ridge the next week.
When I had “Spare time”, I would visit McBride, Valemount, Blue River, and work my way over to 83 mile, and Williams Lake and Quesnel.
This seems like a long introduction, but my purpose is to let you know that I would stop to see every company and resources producer who used welding, safety or liquid and compressed gases.
The more money those companies made, the more they bought from me, so I paid attention to their success.
In the late 70’s there were mines everywhere in BC!
Bell copper, Grand duke. There was Blue Hawk, and Caribou, Craigmont, Kemess, island Copper, and Bullmoose, and Quintette. as well as Sparwood. And my favorite was Endako Mines near Fraser lake.
I sold thousands of dollars of safety and welding supplies to what was once the largest open pit Molybdenum Mine in the world.
I think there must have been close to 400 employees at that mine, and I knew a lot of them!
I left BC to work in Alberta, because the NDP government appeared to be doing everything in its power to destroy anyone who used welding products. Mines, and sawmill and pulp mills mostly.
Companies were struggling to make ends meet.
I can tell you all about the Forest industry in another post.
So what is Molybdenum, and why has the mine closed down since 2015?
Well, some “Moly” is used for lubricants, but a lot of it is used as an ingredient for making steel.
You know? The kind of steel that is used in the Oil and gas sector.
In 2014, the Canadian barrel of oil dropped from over $100 dollars per barrel to less than half.
Adding to the drop in price, the Alberta Oil and gas has become land locked in such a way that it cannot get its product to the world market.
So the Oil and Gas sector took and extreme nosedive. It has always been a boom and Bust industry, but this has been a eight year downturn!
What happened when the Oil and gas industry came to a standstill, is the steel industry who supplies the Fossil Fuel industry, was also hit very hard.
And; you guess it!. So was Endako mines, because the demand for molybdenum to make steel disappeared.
If this is not interesting to you, I totally understand.
As an Old Indian Trapper guy, I sometimes wonder why It means so much to me until I look at the world economic situation from above.
Snopes and Facebook can fact check everything I have said.
Hopefully some of them will learn something.
What my message is today, is that each and every one of our Natural Resources depends upon the other to be successful.
If you take away the Fossil Fuels resource, you also adversely affect the Mining and minerals sector.
Take away any of the Resource Development in a country, and you also take away hundreds of thousands of jobs.
Jobs that provide paychecks every two weeks for their employees.
The employees who buy cars. They buy boats, and houses and they fly their families to exotic places for vacations because they work hard for 50 weeks of the year.
What the federal Liberals, and the BC NDP will never learn is that the most important thing we can do for Canadians right now, is get them back to work.
Covid or not, we need an economy.
Handing every Canadian a check for a few dollars once a month is not the way to develop our nation.
Our nations became powerful because we are educated. We are well trained, and we work hard.
And we pay taxes for the government to spend.
I worry about the few friends I have left in BC.
The NDP and the Federal Liberals will eventually run out of other peoples money to give away.
What then?
I need to ask all those smart people who think the socialist and communist lifestyle is so great, why is it that people from Socialist countries have been known to risk their lives to escape?
Escape! Just that word alone should make our students think.
I guarantee that no free person from our country ever tried to break in to North Korea, Vietnam, or Cuba in search of a better lifestyle.
Sorry I am so long winded. It is coffee time at work, and I had a few minutes to vent.
Now it is time to get back to work.
I miss my friends in BC. Hope you are well.

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