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Nov 11th 2020

I wasn’t going to post anything on Remembrance Day, but then I thought about this in a different way.

I thought about how dispicable it is when someone takes credit for someone else’s sacrifice.
We Canadian taxpayers need to recognize that our Prime Minister is guilty of Stolen Valor.
He sends Millions and Billions of dollars to other countries to make himself look good with the UN, but it does not cost him a dime out of his own pocket.
The burden of paying back the money will rest on the shoulders of Canadian wage earners for generations to come.
I added a photo that reminds me of people like Justin Trudeau and his Political Privilege.
It was the summer of 1963, and my dad had worked as many hours as he could in the Oilfield at Mile 101 on the Alaska Highway.
He saved up enough money to reserve an inside cabin on one of the inside passage ferries travelling from Prince Rupert to Alaska.
Our plan was to take the ferry to Alaska and then drive down to our cabin at Whiskey Flats in Whitehorse.
For those of you who may not know about our Indigenous history, there were many “Indian” and Metis families who were too poor to rent ordinary houses, so a lot of us “Roadside Allowance” people lived in what they called tar paper shacks along the railway and highway road allowances.
Whiskey Flats was along the Yukon River.
We were dirt poor.
But my dad wanted my mom to experience a trip along the BC and Alaska Panhandle coast, and he worked double shifts the whole winter to make that happen.
Crazy dad!
Imagine our excitement when we drove our little Landover 88 on to the ferry and we were about to carry our luggage from the lower auto deck to our room!
When we got to the room there was a ship’s concierge waiting at our door to tell us that there was a Diplomat on board, and he demanded security and privacy.
He wanted the entire level of the ship for him and his enterage.
My dad was angry!
He said some bad words that I had never heard before, and we were all marched to the outside of the ship and told to stay there.
That’s where my dad took this photo.
The Diplomat demanded that we be removed from the ship if we were not more civil.
So we kept the peace, and we all went down into the cargo bay area to make a place for us to sleep for the night.
If you wonder why this memory makes me think of Justin Trudeau, it is because my poor Dad never got a dime back from the ferry or the Diplomat.
Imagine the sacrifice he made to take is family on a journey.
That joyous occasion was taken away from us.
Once again, the people of political privilege had their way with the working family.
I don’t hold any grudges, and I don’t want any reconciliation for that experience, but maybe by me sharing this information with you, it will shed some light on my distaste for politicians and how they treat the little guy.
I am pretty positive that the diplomat and his travelling companions all had a wonderful summer vacation, and never gave any thought on who paid their way.
Trudeau does the same thing to the Canadian Taxpayers.
They work and they scrimp and they save, only to see their hard earned tax dollars being shipped to other countries.

Isn’t that a example of stealing their Valor?

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