In defiance of Wet’suwet’en elders, Molly continues to violate Wet’suwet’en laws.

In defiance of Wet’suwet’en elders, Molly continues to violate Wet’suwet’en laws.

At this point I would be surprised if Molly ever had any intention of acting on behalf of the Wet’suwet’en Nation.

Without the false face of a nation to hide behind her only claim could be from her fathers side as a white colonizers daughter.

Molly Wickham did meet with her matriarch Rita George (Gulaxkan) in November 11th and was told in simple English to cease and desist. So this is clearly yet another act of defiance by Molly.

This is also another attempt to get away with breaching Supreme Court injunctions, this is the typical criminal actions of a delinquent, not a citizen who cares about her people to the point she will lay down herself on her peoples behalf. Rita George was one of the founders of the Delgamuukw decision, an elder with incredible insights and knowledge of her peoples past history. Then along comes Molly, spits on the efforts of her elders to serve herself and her lucrative GoFundMe bank account.

This is not actions of a respected matriarch, this is a delinquent woman who frowns at the idea of working for a living like her ancestors did.

This area was thoroughly checked by Wet’suwet’en citizens who monitor and inspect the ongoing construction, members with feet on the ground to insure all aspects of safety concerns for the habitat are achieved. Nobody is being evicted from this territory, they knew the pipeline was coming through because they found the survey ribbons and build a blind as an intentional obstruction.

Its very simply to take GPS embed photos that show exactly where each tree is, you had almost half a million taken out of your GoFundMe account, you should be able to afford to buy a camera. you have close to 400 Thousand sitting in the next GoFundMe account, supply the public with real legitimate evidence Molly.

The are NO culturally modified trees, more outright lies, no photos, just a demand that you believe her word as gospel. Nothing will be destroyed other than a section of Morice River Road where it looks like part of a refuse dump. Molly feeds herself at McDonald’s and gets all her table food from local grocery stores like everyone else that lives here does. She cannot live with propane, wood heat is too much work for cooking. The only off the land food she eats is the out of season moose and deer her husband from the Queen Charlottes shoots and stores in a freezer in Houston or Smithers.

This is their kitchen, note the traditional propane gas.

However I have a shocker for all of you, you know how Molly and Cody love telling us all they do not have to obey white mans laws, that they were born with the right to do anything. Well here is the shocker, they both took the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC/CRFSC) in Burns Lake this fall, but then again maybe it has something to do with buying guns?

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  1. So according to her there is absolutely no other spot along the creek that they could catch the eels? Ehat a load of hogwash.
    Also after the pipe has been installed they can go back and hunt and fish in that spot. Anyone who believes her lies and deliberate misinformation is quite gullible indeed.

  2. Watched the video and like really? I never knew lamprey was a food staple. If so hows does logging affect that?last time I saw lamprey at Owen creek there was more than she will ever eat. No body else is there. Sorry I’m sure the protesters that dont even know what a lamprey is eats them to . For hunting I would think a small clearing be better to hunt ( in season or not) then dense Bush. Its a small swath through the bush not mowing down villages. Not sure what she really sees from her camp built from colonists pallets. Problem is we know but out siders don’t .I read an article in the pg Citizen and was like wow from covid in kitimat camp to man camps raise diabetes and heart disease for indigenous people. I don’t think they are contagious but maybe I wrong. Keep up the good work JLS I do believe we will be heard.

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