Cases of the Covid19 by Wun Feather

Cases of the Covid19 by Wun Feather

Dec 5th 2020

As an old time Indian trapper guy, there are a lot of things in this modern world that I just can’t grasp.

I don’t know how we can have almost 2000 new cases of the Covid19, in Alberta yesterday, but have almost no cases of the flu.
I don’t understand how people are dying of the Covid, and not from drug over doses, pneumonia, or old age anymore.
And I have decided at my age that I am not going to spend a whole lot of time trying to understand what is going on.
I have been through the postulates and the theorums, the brackets and the exponents of BEDMAS, and quantitative analysis of enzyme activties.
I even have a degree in the applied principles of physics that I ever use.
Why would I spend more time learning about the Rapid Antigen tests, vs the PCR when it comes to Viruses?
They say that a little knowledge can be more harmful than none.
Whoever “they” are.
But the one thing I take great comfort in knowing about is how to open my eyes on a frosty morning, roll out of my sleeping bag, and get a fire going on the trapline.
The smell of the haze and the mist over the beaver pond, and how the sun slowly warms up the earth and the air begins to rise.
I know that if I put some ice into the Billy can and let it come to a rapid boil, it will be safe for me to drink.
Once it is boiling, I will add some labrador tea to the water. .Today I have some ground coffee to add as well.
That’s something I know how to do.
Because it’s a day off from work, I will get at least twelve hours of chores done on the trapline.
And no one will stop by to tell me to wear a mask.
I won’t even wear one when a squirrel or a fox walks past me.
They don’t care.
Maybe we all need to find something that we are passionate about to do in order to keep our minds off this virus thing.
Put the social media thing away and sneak outdoors with the kids!
Play in the field or walk along the lake shore while we are still allowed to go outside.
We are allowed to do that, aren’t we?
I haven’t been paying attention to the latest rules set out by the government, telling us what we can or cannot do..
That reminds me.
#ChrystiaFreeland and #JustinTrudeau have discovered that there are a few of you wealthier people who have not been spending your money during this pandemic.
The money is just sitting in your bank accounts.
She wants the rest of Canadians to come up with some ideas on how she could get her hands on that unspent money to use on stimulus programs.
That’s what your #Liberal, #Socialist governments do best.
They penalize the hard workers by taking money from them to give to the lazy folks.
I am not making that up.
I heard her say it!
So any of us who have been working extremely hard and trying to put money away for retirement will be asked by the government to share their retirement savings with the people who have been doing absolutely nothing all their lives.
If you read this far down, thank you.
I know that I talk too much.
Please let me know your thoughts and whenever I get into cell service, I promise to acknowledge your comments!
Love you all!

I would say that I would love to give you money, but I spent it all on jeeps and trapping..

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