Covid19, masks, vaccinations, and the flu by Wun Feather

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Dec 9th 2020

I don’t like driving in this kind of weather.

And lately it seems like my life itself, is like this.
You know?
Especially when it comes to the Covid19, masks, vaccinations, and the flu.
If I listen to the mainstream media, the politicians and some “science” experts, I become more confused and frustrated as the days go by.
First off, I lost a friend to the virus.
He died.
It hit me like a ton of bricks.
It actually scared the hell out of me.
Then the very next week a very close relative and their spouse tested positive, so as you can imagine, I immediately thought they were going to die too!
And one of the indigenous communities where many of my friends live, had an outbreak of the virus.
I don’t mind telling you that I felt like giving up entirely.
I started a camp fire in the forest and I sat on a log and just about came to tears thinking that at least 25 people in my circle were going to die.
I know that many of you feel the same way!
If you listen to that lady on the TV and the politicians, they make us feel that if we don’t stay home, everyone is going to perish.
Covid cases!
Covid cases!
Covid cases!
That’s all we ever hear.
Everyone is dying of Covid.
The hospitals are bursting at the seems with patients, and dump trucks are standing by to take all the dead Covid bodies away to the incinerators.
And if we do not believe this, we are heartless, terrible human beings with no compassion for others.
If, for some reason we are seen without a mask on, some people yell obscenities at us and call us conspiracy theorists.
I added a post about Covid and the flu last night, and during the wee hours of the night I heard my smart phone notification ring, and it was telling me that post contained information about the Coronavirus, and so it was removed!
Well folks, here I am again.
I do not believe everything I hear and read about the situation.
I don’t care if someone waves their hands in the air and tells me that “science” is right, and I am wrong.
I do not believe that everyone who tests positive for the Covid19 virus has it.
I said it.
I think that they are using the same test that they use for the common cold and the flu, and they are combining them all together!
At 63 years old, it is pretty hard to convince me that because everyone is wearing a mask, and because more flu vaccinations have been administered, that the flu has totally disappeared..
If masks work that well, why are there any Covid cases?
Why did my friend die of Covid19, but the other 35 or 40 people who tested positive tell me that it felt like they had the flu,??
I need to see this picture more clearly to understand what we are dealing with…
I would feel so much better if that lady who comes on TV to give us updates every day said something like this:
“Hey everyone.
This Covid thing is new to us.
We have been testing everyone who has a runny nose, and we just found out that even though the test indicates that they have Covid19, it turns out that over half of them actually had the doggone flu!”
Sorry about that.
The flu is something that we are used to dealing with, but this Coronas virus is deadly.
We thought it best to error on the side of caution.”
If the lady said something like that, a lot of us would respond a lot differently.
The fog would lift, and I could envision that they were telling the truth.
Am I the only one who feels this way?
I know we have to treat the Covid19 with respect, and that it is deadly to some people..
I totally get that.
But don’t try to tell me that everyone who has tested positive for the virus actually had it.
When people tell me that, I wonder who they are trying to kid.
It sure isn’t me.
I don’t need a doctor’s degree to know that when something smells like feces, that I had better not step in it.

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