Chrystia Freeland – How to “Free up” available dollars by Wun Feather

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Dec 6 2020

Yesterday I shared a video of Canada’s deputy finance minister #ChrystiaFreeland asking for ideas on how to “Free up” available dollars.

She suggested that because of the pandemic, the majority of hard working Canadians have been in isolation and so their money is sitting in their bank accounts doing nothing.
She and #JustinTrudeau would like to find ways to get ahold of that money to spend on the Covid programs, share with their families, and send to other countries.
I was pleasantly surprised to see how many comments I got on this post.
But the comments that thousands of my friends did not see were the ones sent to me via Facebook Messenger.
I actually had people suggest to me that the majority of Albertans are just a bunch of cry babies who are whining about losing their high paying jobs, and they should have more compassion for the regular people who do not have oil and gas Jobs.
This will offend some people, and I am totally fine with that.
I am here to stick up for those fossil fuel companies and their employees.
It is true that many of them live paycheck to paycheck.
So what??
They work darn hard for their money, and when they get a paycheck, they go to the city and they buy RV’s.
They buy ATV’s and Snowmobiles, and boats and cars and trucks.
They take each other out for dinner in restaurants and they buy clothing, sporting goods and hobby supplies with their money.
They get their nails done, have spa days, and the get tattoos, and they have a bit of surgery done or get their teeth fixed nice.
They build new houses or renovate, and they buy furniture and appliances.
Some of them go on cruises or fly home to see family members.
They go away for the weekend, and stay in hotel rooms and take in some entertainment like the cinema, or live productions.
I know that am probably missing a great deal of things that my oil field friends spend their money on, but you get the picture.
Every single segment of retail or service industry sees them coming through the door, and they love them when they buy jewelry, or electronics.
Even and old trapper guy like me puts a nice pair of jeans in to shop at Tiffany’s.
To use the words of a sixteen year old, who are we to judge the people who spend their money??
“How Dare They!”
Listen here Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau.
If you want the money from people’s bank accounts, let people fly in airplanes.
Let them go on cruise ships and open up the economy.
If what you say about wearing a mask is 100% true then let’s get this money spending party started!
The more ship’s that are sailing, and the more planes flying, the greater the demand for Canada’s Oil and Gas, and the oil and gas workers will go back to work.
Does this sound too simple for anyone?
That’s because it is.
The Liberals want the money from the hard working tax payers, but they don’t want hard working taxpayers to go to work or live their lives!
If you want to stay home and wear a mask all day, feel free to do that.
It’s still a free country.
But it sure won’t be if Freeland and her socialist regimes become reality.
I know I am gonna get trampled on this time..
But whatever.

Do what you must.

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