Lillian Wilson – Blockader Profile

Lillian Wilson – Blockader Profile

I suspect Lillian Wilson is the protege of Adam Gagnon and appeared first on the scene as one of his sidekicks along with Kolin Sutherland-Wilson.

She does have an amazing talent for turning apples into oranges, as was in the case of how a CGL Road crew suddenly became equal to residential schools. If you think I am kidding watch her in the next video. Watch her say there is just a kid and two adults then suddenly they are all on the film together being filmed by yet one more unnamed person while the child beats the drum obviously staged. They are here because the land is a spiritual entity (but the house and land she lives on at home is not?) Would it not be very interesting if we posted pictures of the house she lives in and look at how much respect she has for the land?

Keep in mind these so called “land defenders” are all just pawns of Franklin Lopez The secret operative behind the internal war in the Wet’suwet’en family.

Funny how the some people are seen buying a weekend supply of drinks in BC Liquor Stores suddenly have acquired a sudden need to protect the land when they never gave a toot about the land till it became a profitable pipeline war. Much can be attributed also to giving themselves a sense of worth without working for it, like all of those working inside the community do. The same people who bitch and moan the most never worked inside their own community to make it a better place, how ironical that they now care so much about the land.

If you care and respect the land so much it all begins at home, not 100 kilometres away.

As I said you have to see it to believe it, converting road construction into oppression from residential schools. Its a pretty misguided and even sickening attempt to capitalize on the victims of residential schools in order to justify your own bad behaviour.


Then there was this next video that shows we now have yet another STOLEN title, at no time has Lillian Wilson ever acquired the title that belonged to the late Mary George and to date there has not been a passing on of that title. The behaviour of Lillian Wilson is a insult to the George family and the Honorable late Mary George. Look at how she blatantly misuses this Hereditary title in the next clip. Its our honest guess that Adam who was subsequently arrested put her up to this.

Showing land respect, has anyone seen Adam’s house in what use to be a spectacular landscape in Witset part of the speculate Moricetown canyon? Listen to her as she calls Adam Gagnon her Hereditary chief, what a joke on the CGL employee, Adam Gagnon is a wing chief to his brother Alphonse Gagnon. The land belongs to the Sun House, not the Owl House that Adam is part of.


When you understand the connections between people its easier to understand their motives.

Mable Forsythe is the mother of Lucy Gagnon who is married to Alphonse Gagnon who has a brother named Adam Gagnon and a sister name Jane Tommy who has a son name Warner Naziel. Then in a not so legitimate adoption, Mable Forsythe adopted Molly Wickham who is the sister of Jennifer Wickham.

Lillian Wilson claim she holds the title of Ts’ake ze Tsebesa is not only false, there was never a feast that occurred where she was given that name. Second point is Lillian Wilson is of the Owl Clan the property in question belongs to the Sun House. We will provide the evidence below. First we will prove Lillian Wilson is from the Owl House. The name and blanket belong to the Sun House, that of the legitimate Smogelgem (Gloria George) as does the hereditary name of Tsebesa. See evidence below.

Note this is from the Delgamuukw testimony entered by Mary Joseph on December 7, 1988 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Title is passed “It’s always when a person passes away; it’s always the person in the same house.”

The only thing Lillian Wilson said that is correct is that the land belongs to Tsebesa – Mary George (deceased) and now is under the authority of Gloria George the legitimate title holder, and name holder of Chief Smogelgem. Watch the video then examine the evidence we have provided. Please observe her comment “The bottom line for all of these pipelines is to get them out of here” So it was never about access,it was about stopping the project. Another lie is that CGL snuck in, when in fact the the Office of Wet’suwet’en has been dealing with CGL started around 2012 or possibly much earlier.

Page One of the Owl clan genealogy.

Evidence that proves Lillian Wilson is of the Owl Clan, page One of the Owl clan documents submitted to the Delgamuukw land claims trial, submitted by the Wet’suwet’en Herditary Chiefs is the genealogy of the Owl House. Note page one. Then see Lillian on page two.

Page Two of the Owl clan genealogy.
Proof the name Tsebesa is from the Sun House
Proof the property both Adam and Lillian claim is theirs, belongs to the Sun House



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