The Eco Cult Media and their Parrots Pt.2

The Eco Cult Media and their Parrots  Pt.2

One of the images that the David Suzuki Foundation provided shows just how clean the water that is being transferred downstream really is, it completely contradicts their article “Coastal GasLink caught red-handed wrecking Skeena salmon and steelhead spawning river” likewise their lack of having any fisheries specialist on board explains why they were not aware that steelhead do not spawn until some time in early spring and the salmon completed spawning a few months ago.

At this time the river is at its lowest point, the fish traditionally hold in deeper pools until the spring waters start to raise the river levels.

The Eco cult spin doctors do not make it easy for us to find out who was behind this latest Eco Cult Media blitz, but after some research we discovers it was not the David Suzuki Foundation who funded or planned this misinformation campaign, but rather it was a repeat offender , and part of the Eco Cult Collaborative who most recently also were behind the another attempt to derail the CGL Drill Pad site. At that time we wrote daily updates, please refer to October 7th 2022 in the article “Gidimt’en Road Warriors” Exposed – October Where the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) funded a rafting expedition right through thousands of spawning salmon disrupting their spawning activities, as witnessed by one of their own cameras. This despite the fact they knew doing so was a severe violation of the fisheries regulations regarding intentionally disrupting spawning salmon. Note there are two events (back to back) both about the illegal event they sponsored on October 7th 2022.

So clearly the SWCC agenda is not the protection of fish, but specifically to target a pipeline that has received 100% permission by all environmental standards to proceed. It shows the SWCC has a complete disregard for the law and is willing to break it to impose their ideas on society.

Before we move on I want to share with you that the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) was paid by an AMERICAN ECO CULT money laundering organization funded by the AMERICAN TIDES FOUNDATION to block Canada from competing in the natural resources industry. See Wilburforce Foundation for evidence of what we just said. For those of you who are not aware Makeway Charitible Society is the new re branded sanitized name for the Tides Foundation in Canada.


As you can see from the above, this group from Hazelton has deep and rich pockets to pay for their underhanded schemes, that will only leave local people and local aboriginals worse off as a result of their not so above board activities.

We were alerted to this story in social media, by Adam Gagnon and his page Sovereign Likhts’amisyu that he shares with Warner Naziel. Warner is better known as the man who stole the Smogelgerm title with the assistance of John Ridsdale. We know that due to a number of “undisclosed reasons” neither Molly or Freda want Warner Naziel on site due to his involvement with undisclosed incidents that both are withholding from the RCMP. The so called incidents have a lot to do with harm against young women in Molly and Freda’s camps. However it seems that their disregard for laws against abuse of women are less important than disclosing anything to the RCMP. (more on this later in this article)

Now explain this one, the helicopter never landed, yet one of the engineers told them they have no idea how they would get a pipe across the Clore River. Seriously? Just how stupid do you think your readers are?


I am sorry, but I feel an obligation to interject here, oh all this love the land, love our children, sacred this and sacred that, enough already, lets review the practice what we preach concept. Good Lord Adam, just look at the massive footprint you left in what you call Wet’suwet’en land, look at your property perched up above what they call idiot rock. Look at the thousands of acres you logged off in contracts with Canfor in Houston, then you have the audacity to call it moonscaped while you hike home with the profits. How many decades were you logging (moonscaping) trees on the Morice?

Let’s be honest here, disclose to the public how many thousands of (gallons not litres) of gas and diesel you burn each and every year while telling all the rest of us to get off oil and gas to save this planet. Seriously its getting to the gagging point of how much hypocrisy and you shell out before people gag? Speaking of raising children, how much of that have you done yourself? Seriously get a grip on reality.



There is a saying, the devil is in the details, the David Suzuki Foundation was the first version we found available online, and it included a photo and video package showing the videos and picture taken during this helicopter ride to the Clore River.


In their own words the David Suzuki Foundation said that so called “Wet’suwet’en officials” were sent to do overhead surveillance of the work being done at the Clore River. We downloaded the photo and videos that these individuals made during the helicopter ride, and can fully understand when goverment officials say that there is nothing in either the video or the photos that indicate non compliance.

So once again we can quote William Shakespeare in “it’s all much ado about nothing”


Quoting the Suzuki article “This in-stream work has already churned up the gravel river bed and released a thick plume of sediment, smothering fish eggs downstream.”  SERIOUSLY? How extremely delusional can one be to think that because you said so its now a fact?

LOOK at the attached photos they submitted, the photos completely contradict what they were seeing, from their helicopter.

The link is from their website, I cannot say how long they will allow the images and video to be shared, but for the record they are there now. View photos / video of work at Lho Kwa (the Clore River) on Jan. 8 and 10, 2023.

Then read the rants provided courtesy of John Ridsdale

“Provincial regulators are failing to hold Coastal GasLink accountable,” said Na’moks, head chief of the neighbouring Tsayu (Beaver) clan. “It’s cheaper to pay the fines than to do the work properly, and that’s if they get caught. We need an immediate stop-work order from the federal government to protect salmon habitat, and prevent further violations under the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.”


Are you kidding me John?


Seriously this is coming from a man known for his addiction to alcohol even to the point of criminal charges, is truly a case of calling the kettle black. Like a parrot John keeps using out of context quotes from the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, if he really cared about indigenous people why would he contradict them when they all approved this project? John has yet to compete the criminal charges against him, he is a convicted criminal and Eco Cultists need to stop patronizing him. Its like you condone his criminal behaviour.


The Wet’suwet’en officials turned out (not be be officials at all) but two well known individuals from the Wet’suwet’en Nation and in no way either of them have ever represented the entire Wet’suwet’en Nation.


The first is none other than a woman who stole the Tsebesa blanket or title, or just took the title because she wanted it, we do not know her motive. Please correct me and let us know when the feast for Lillian Wilson took place and by whose authority was she given the title Tsebesa. Take the time to review her real profile, its our understanding she is not even eligible for that title due to wrong family tree. The second person on this helicopter ride was  let me quote “Gary Michell, Head Ranger for Wet’suwet’en Fisheries, was also on the January 10 inspection flight with Tsebesa. “I was part of the fisheries research team that noted the presence of Chinook, Coho and Steelhead in the upper Clore river in 2011,” said Michell. “Skeena salmon and steelhead are facing many serious threats to their survival; digging up riverbeds without sediment and erosion control doesn’t help.

Seriously Gary? Were you required to be blindfolded on this trip, somehow you did not even notice that the photos you took 100% contradict what you just said.


In a nutshell the extent of his knowledge is that he witnessed the existence of Chinook, Coho and Steelhead in the Clore River, if he reviewed existing fisheries data, he could have learned the same. So why was he on a flight purchased by the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) If he had flown there on behalf of the Office of Wet’suwet’en as part of his job it would have made his presence more credible.


Duping Canadians is easy, convincing locals is a feat she has yet to accomplish. Those of us living here know she is no clan chief.


OK let’s take it from the top, this does not appear to be a sanctioned Office of the Wet’suwet’en project, as we already learned this was just another tactical attempt by the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) flashing Wet’suwet’en faces. so they can flog the Wet’suwet’en Nation narrative, using a few faces to make their story. Again remember funded by the American Tides Foundation as we proved earlier in this article.


Gary Michell, Head Ranger for Wet’suwet’en Fisheries appears based on his work reference that is being used as his credentials, it does not change that he has no background in either fisheries or environmental management, the same goes for Lillian Wilson who has absolutely no background in fish management or environmental protection or management.

Now the parrots come into play, the  eco idiots grasping at straws looking for something to make their individual voices relevant once more, pretending they are here strictly to defend the Wet’suwet’en people, knowing full well its only a hand full of paid Wet’suwet’en agitators, but the end justifies the means as per what David Suzuki once said. Watch how the Narwhal, National Observer, and Kia Nagata’s Dogwood try stir up a shit storm based on the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) flight to the Clore River. All of these are part of the Eco Cult Collaborative all funded by AMERICANS wanting to get rid of Canada as competition. Have you ever seen them fund attacks on American oil, gas or American industry?


This was simply the need to create a media disturbance with ZERO evidence based issues in play.



The BC Oil and Gas Commission was notified of a complaint on Jan. 10 and followed up on it, according to a statement commission communications staff sent Canada’s National Observer the evening of Jan. 13. “Based on the imagery and information we’ve seen, [we] did not find any non-compliance,” it reads.



The following is a video clip that shows nothing outside of what would be a properly planned and executed river crossing, by the book.

Photo credits to David Suzuki Foundation (note how they made erroneous claims about “caught red-handed wrecking Skeena salmon and steelhead spawning river”)

The photos do show something of interest, the bridge seems to be the property of a Wet’suwet’en owned Kyah Resources Inc (see image above)

Here is where fiction and facts get convoluted by the Narwhal who claim “Coastal GasLink accused of failing to prevent sediment from entering a Wet’suwet’en river” it makes me wonder if they even looked at the attached photos or are incapable of explaining what they see. In the image above, that black line going through the water is a silt guard going across the river under the bridge.

Now more from the parrots.

From the National Observer quote:

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is investigating a complaint that Coastal GasLink failed to prevent sediment stirred up by pipeline construction activities from flowing downstream at a construction site on the Lho Kwa (Clore River) in B.C.

Sediment pollution poses a serious risk to salmon and steelhead eggs, effectively smothering them. Clore River is a large tributary of the Skeena River, which is an important habitat for both salmon and steelhead trout.

Imagine, when you fly over the area, take an entire portfolio of photos and video, and  experts responds saying that nothing in the videos or photos indicate there are any infractions at all, so you can use public tax dollars to publish erroneous lies, and somehow that seems to be acceptable?

Its important to understand the history of the National Observer  so let me quote;

“One of Lopez senior’s co workers in the Carter administration was Joel Solomon Senior. Solomon’s daughter is Linda Solomon Wood editor in chief of the crass propaganda rag the National Observer. His son Joel Solomon Jr would move to Canada in the 1990’s to create and head Tides Canada which among other things would fund Lopez junior’s media creation of the phony Wetsuweten “land defenders”.

So in a nutshell the National Observer is connected at the hip with the AMERICAN TIDES FOUNDATION its all part of one manipulative family of Eco Cultists.

Next parrot,

Dogwood or Dogwood BC or just Kia Nagata and his Dogwood. From the horses mouth, see below. Imagine that, a PAID LIE courtesy of Dogwood BC.

Imagine that! First they tell an outright lie, blatant, intentional, then tell you the observing public to demand a stop to a project that is 100% in compliance. This is how they use/abuse your tax dollars.

Please take the time to read and understand the background of Dogwood BC and its role within the Eco Cult Collaborative


We did promise to get back to the issues of Warner Naziel and his undesirable status at both Molly’ and Freda’s camp. It comes to us as an attempt to slander Coastal Gaslink Pipeline by none other than Matt Simmons, the man whose paycheck is paid for by Canadian taxpayers and writes for a tabloid called the Narwhal formerly known as DeSmog Canada. Another crass taboid, he is a Wickham approved embedded promotional agent of Molly and her gang of anarchists.

The origins of this crass tabloid are as follows, the founder James Hoggan began his public relations career in the 1970s and is the named partner of Hoggan and Associates Ltd. He started in the industry in order to help put himself and his wife through law school at the University of Victoria.

After graduation, Hoggan continued to work in the PR field focusing on publicly sensitive information. Hoggan is also the cofounder of the Stonehouse Standing Circle, a think tank. Hoggan joined the board of the David Suzuki Foundation in 2001 and became its Chair in 2009. He served in this role until November 2016. He has also served as a trustee of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education and is the former chair of Climate Project Canada. So there you have it, another connection to the Eco Cult Collaborative.

I am only sharing this with you in hopes that Molly and Freda do the right thing, and contact the Northern Society for Domestic Peace. Below is the Matt Simmons attempt to slander Coastal Gaslink, when he should have been sharing it with members of the camp he is residing in. It was in Molly’s and Freda’s camps that all the complaints of abuse against young women originated, not one legitimate incident came from a single Coastal Gaslink camp. This is a new low even for Matt Simmons but from experience we also know they set new records in low morals on a daily basis.

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